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Recent content by ArticWolf

  1. ArticWolf


    1.1: What is your in-game name? ArticWolf 1.2 How old are you?14 1.3 Do you have a working microphone?Yea 1.4 How long have you been playing Riverside?Since October 1.5 Please post a screenshot of !warns : 1.6 Have you been banned within the last 2 months if so for what?I got fasley banned and...
  2. ArticWolf

    Making Judges more PD selected side

    Name of suggestion: Making Judges more PD selected side Link (gmodstore, steamworkshop etc): n/a Why do you think this should be added?: In my opinion why this should be added is because if this way a Judge is in the players opinion corrupted then they can make a psd on them and let their case...
  3. ArticWolf

    Denied Kilo staff report

    Name:ArticWolf SteamID:A Date & Time Of Incident: around 2pm 15/12/2019 Member Of Staff Name: Kilo Rank Of Staff Member:Trail Explanation: I explain it in the video. But What in my opinion kilo did wrong He gagged me after I was asked to explain the situation (Said he was watching the video)...
  4. ArticWolf

    Denied I got warned for no reason (Kilo staff abuse)

    But there was multiple thigns he did wrong tho. Handcuffed me while cloaked in a pd meeting. Physgun'd me in a pd meeting and didnt explain why he brung me. He also never explained it was a sit nor anything. He also heard me since he was "Spectating the pd meeting" I said i was a missclick and...
  5. ArticWolf

    Denied I got warned for no reason (Kilo staff abuse)

    Name:ArticWolf SteamID:STEAM_0:1:460177967 Date & Time Of Incident:21:32 Member Of Staff Name:Kilo Rank Of Staff Member:Trail T Explanation: So Kilo was handcuffing me for no reason while sco19 were in PD talking He did it while cloaked and he cuffed me while i was spamming m1 IDk what the...
  6. ArticWolf

    Accepted Staff report

    If it is possible if this does get accepted to be unbanned from the server as well. But if not I can still wait for the time
  7. ArticWolf

    Accepted Staff report

    With the prop climb situation I got told it would do something to do my game or something. When I collidied the prop whenever it was in the ghost state,I was stupid to trust that. And I said I wouldn't do it again. after I left the staff team I still had full intent of RPing because if I didn't...
  8. ArticWolf

    Accepted Staff report

    Name:ArticWolf SteamID:STEAM_0:1:460177967 Date & Time Of Incident: Last week Member Of Staff Name parks Rank Of Staff Member discord + Forums assistance Explanation:So last week I got banned for NITRP, I felt the ban was unjustified so I took it to the forums after a conversation with the...
  9. ArticWolf

    Accepted Philip's Staff Report

    https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/577142845178249236/651129373390536714/unknown.png Well what's that then because in my eyes when people use caps in this situation was used in an aggressive term. and about the harassing/disrespect statement I made. in private messages, you were telling me...
  10. ArticWolf

    Accepted Philip's Staff Report

    There wasn't 4 ping max it was probably 2 and I reposted it with the @ because a person removed it. But Lewis saw it as disrespect and asked me to put it on the report. And you admit it yourself as a staff member on the server you can't get pissed at anyone and start shouting/Harassing other...
  11. ArticWolf

    Pending Recoking licenses

    +1 I like this suggestion but also add you have to pay for it or do something along them lines so people cant just buy one back they lose it
  12. ArticWolf

    Accepted Philip's Staff Report

    Name:ArticWolf SteamID: Date & Time Of Incident: 2/12/2019 (whole situation over the past few days) Member Of Staff Name philip Rank Of Staff Member:Trail Staff Explanation: Constant Harassment in discord, Constant disrespect to other people in the discord and not acting like a staff member...
  13. ArticWolf

    Accepted maffia discord unban application

    To me as a higher up in the situation i see it as an accident in the situation, Sometimes its just a mistake we all do it and i feel like a ban is a much too harsh offence for something we've probably all accidentally done before.
  14. ArticWolf

    Denied ArticWolf's ban appeal

    If you would like to know the reasons why i got demoted. There was 2 situations. One i got pissed at the other one was mingey. But that was the only occasion where i "minged as staff"
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