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Recent content by Fanta

  1. Fanta

    Denied my unban appeal

    then banned again for the same reason
  2. Fanta

    Denied my unban appeal

    he got unbanned
  3. Fanta

    Dark Web Team Chat

    +1 would be nice to have a team chat for all crims
  4. Fanta

    Denied Give SCO-19 more armour

  5. Fanta

    Officer Murphy's Application

    +1 active , good guy ,
  6. Fanta

    Closed I should become the godfather.

    +1 LM is dead and calaper is the only one doing try outs to try and bring it back, also i have never seen a LM higher up other then calaper on. Calaper works hard all day to try and resolve the issue with LM. he deserves the God Father spot for LM. also i am a T it would be better if we could...
  7. Fanta

    Accepted unban

    by the time i get a response my ban will be over
  8. Fanta

    Accepted unban

  9. Fanta

    Food Job

  10. Fanta

    Accepted unban

    yes ik its not your problem and i dont want to argue with you, but what im trying to say is that is not my fault as i never was trained properly as witht he bombings not saying this too you charlezzz but to the staff who is taking this
  11. Fanta

    Accepted unban

    yes but i NEVER knew that i still had to wait the 30 mins as i was never told that you have to wait the cool down even if the bomb never goes off, so when the bomb didnt go off i thuaght i could bomb again
  12. Fanta

    Accepted unban

    also after the first "bombing" that never erver happend i adverted FALSE so it never counted as a bombing
  13. Fanta

    Accepted unban

    not only that the person who trained me as jihad AKA T leader Flame didnt say that u still wait the cool done even if the bomb never went off
  14. Fanta

    Accepted unban

    even if i dont get unbanned atleast reduce the ban because it isnt fair at all
  15. Fanta

    Accepted unban

    but as i said the bomb didnt go off so i didnt think it was a "bombing" so i didnt know i had to wait the 30 mins, its not reall my fault tho
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