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Recent content by Fanta

  1. Fanta

    Accepted Warn appeal

    Name: fanta Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:460055090 Warning staff member: jake Warning reason: propabuse/propblock Date of warning: today Why your warning should be reverted: So i was trying to get someone into the lift whilst they were cuffed. They refused to go in so i attempted to drag them in but it...
  2. Fanta

    Changing gang roles

  3. Fanta

    Denied <disbanded>

  4. Fanta

    Denied <disbanded>

    Are you daft
  5. Fanta

    Accepted Ban Appeal - I got disconnected

    I was the one who had reported you for LTAP. I had just cuffed you and read you your rights and you left the game "disconnected by user" then started connecting back like 2 minuets after you had left. You also claim your wifi had "went down" when you disconnected by user and joined back?, it...
  6. Fanta

    Accepted Unban

    Fair enoguh nucleus, i am not even staff and the ammount of times i have told staff they are wrong and re corrected staff is insane. Not being rude but staff need a meeting to go over everything and like do a check up on staff members
  7. Fanta

    Accepted Unban

    Ok if you took the time to read what i had said, There was a reason. And yes i may have but only because i had an unfair death which should not have occurred, but i understand that may have not been allowed how ever it should have resulted in a warn
  8. Fanta

    Accepted Unban

    Name: fanta Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:460055090 Banning staff member: Idk nucleus? Banning reason: mass rdm apparently Date of ban: today Length of ban: 5 weeks Why your ban should be reverted: So i was arresting tj and he walked into pd lift, he then stood there not letting me into the lift there...
  9. Fanta

    Accepted Chris Staff report

    Name: Fanta SteamID: STEAM_0:1:460055090 Date & Time Of Incident: today idk what time Staff Member's Name: Chris Staff Member's Rank: Idk like senior mod idk Explanation: Overall a toxic staff and Does not set an example for staff well enough. He disrespects people and is very aggressive when...
  10. Fanta

    Accepted Giving criminals the access to more weaponry

    Oh wait let me waste 100k on a BOX (10) of G36C'S, PKM, AK etc but that is a box and no way to buy it single. Isnt fair
  11. Fanta

    Accepted Giving criminals the access to more weaponry

    +1 The fact that SCO have an ar-15 and MP5 that will wipe you in 2 secs while we stand their tapping our semi auto gun, has no fair play
  12. Fanta


  13. Fanta

    Denied Warn appeal

    Name: Fanta Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:460055090 Warning staff member:adolf Warning reason: RDM Date of warning: tooday Why your warning should be reverted: Because there was no rule about what i done, I adverted [ <hsv> AHA YO FAT ASS NEEDS EXERCISE so walk u fat boi ( carjack KOS owner/gov) </hsv> ]...
  14. Fanta

    Pending CCTV

    Yes correct, how ever this can enhance role-play and help Police out in crucial situations. Not just Police but also Criminals.
  15. Fanta


    Name of suggestion: Gsecurity Link (gmodstore, steamworkshop etc): https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/gsecurity-5-sensors-hacking-pc-server-system | Why do you think this should be added?: Well, It would be good for building bases. You can add an extra layer of security and maybe...
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