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  1. Nucleus

    Jamesn (Sicario) staff app

    +1 Good app
  2. Nucleus

    Changing gang roles

    Seems like a good idea, +1
  3. Nucleus

    Accepted Warn appeal.

    Ive had a conversation with Chunky surrounding these and am happy for them to be removed if that is able to happen. :)
  4. Nucleus

    Fixing SRO

    +1 very annoying not being able to see anything on it plus cant attach a scope making the MK11 useless for its job.
  5. Nucleus

    adding more settings for car dealer

    "You are permitted to bump your thread once every 72 hours. If it's important to you, it's important to us." Stated in Suggestions Template +1 if possible with the dealer
  6. Nucleus

    New police car!

    -1 doesnt look great tbh. No ELS so useless for PD
  7. Nucleus

    Accepted Warn Appeal

    After closely looking at the video, it does look like you were aiming for the SCO and did hit a civ after bouncing off the car which wasn't your full intentions. I would say just be a bit more careful when driving. Appeal: Accepted Please contact Senior Admin + in game so you can get your...
  8. Nucleus

    Pending Assassins

    Youve already stated your -1. But why -1 though? I would like to hear your reasoning
  9. Nucleus

    Accepted Ban Appeal MoneyManMz

    Ok, after speaking to Bobby and reviewing your appeal I have made a decision. Appeal: Accepted Make sure to read the rules on the MOTD to be familiar with them and to reduce your chance of breaking any rules.
  10. Nucleus


  11. Nucleus

    Pending Assassins

    Was gonna make this anyway but sure. Tbh you might as well join Norris, Pepper, Squidward and GEH. They already target me with their "Hits" so join their club why don't you.
  12. Nucleus

    Pending Assassins

    Name of suggestion: Add hit cooldown and rp reason to do a hit Link (gmodstore, steamworkshop etc): N/A Why do you think this should be added?: Recently especially today, could not even get past courthouse without behind killed due to a "Hit". So I believe a cooldown of maybe 5 to 10mins...
  13. Nucleus

    Accepted Ban Appeal MoneyManMz

    @Bobby The Buildery anything you would like to add to this appeal?
  14. Nucleus

    Denied Ban Appeal | Grimshaw

    Just gonna post this here, video of the situation:
  15. Nucleus

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hello there, after reading each side I have decided on at outcome. I would recommend that you be more careful with what you say as you can appear to being homophobic by some as they may take it the wrong way. Appeal: Accepted
  16. Nucleus

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Make sure the right steamid is attached as I don't think that one is yours, please confirm if it is this one: STEAM_0:0:478724585 @GeneralObesity could you respond to this please?
  17. Nucleus

    Accepted Unban

    My mistake, apologies Fanta.
  18. Nucleus

    Accepted Unban

    I consulted another staff member prior to the ban who agreed. Everything is in the video.
  19. Nucleus

    Book training grounds.

    -1 not really needed, departments should attempt to not clash with things like these.
  20. Nucleus

    Denied Unban app

    Good afternoon, after consideration of your ban appeal. I have decided to make this: Appeal: DENIED
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