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  1. SPIZE

    Accepted Spize STAFF REPORT!!

    Name: spize SteamID:STEAM_0:0:526326494 Date & Time Of Incident: 9th Of May 2020 | 22.28(swedish time). Staff Member's Name: chris Staff Member's Rank: junior admin Explanation: ok i was going around the city and played the song( no no dont touch me there) and every body was nice and thought...
  2. SPIZE

    Accepted spize ban appeal

    Name: spize Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:526326494 Banning staff member: Banning reason: NITRP Date of ban: 03/05/2020 Length of ban: 2 Weeks you your ban sould be reverted: okay if i am going to understand this how is mic spamm a 2 week ban. so what happend is that i was going around and playing the (no...
  3. SPIZE

    Accepted SPIZE ban appeal

    Name: spize Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:526326494 Banned by: dont remember reason: advertising my GTA v modding discord. Date of ban: dont now Length of ban: permaban ok so it was a long time ago since now and i want to try again with the roleplay again you know back in the days is was pretty dumb...
  4. SPIZE

    Accepted SPIZE unban appeal

    Name: SPIZE steam id: STEAM_0:0:526326494 Banning staff member: kieran Banning reason: homophia Date of ban: 20/02/20 Length of ban: 3 weeks why your ban should be reverted: So okay lets start this appeal, so okay i was in a car and i drove around some people and then the cop started shooting...
  5. SPIZE

    Denied unban appeal

    name: SPIZE Steam-ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199012918716/ ban staff: SOD Charlezz10 banning reason: fearRP / MRDM ban date: 10/1/2020 ban lenght: 5 veckor why my ban should be reverted : i didnt now i was traind 7 hours before i didnt now and now im really whant to play on...
  6. SPIZE

    Denied Plz unban me i want to play on the server (i DIF just buy supporter and VIP and knifes and Vape)

    Name: SPIZE Hello i want to be unban from the server i want to play with my friends and I did just buy supporter and VIP Now to the bann i havd just ben trained to a JIHAD and i was so happy en Rhen i did a bombing at PD and i havd just Change my clothes and Didnt take my headset on again and...
  7. SPIZE

    Closed Sorry this is a wrong warm appelé It was ment to be a Ban Appel

    okej så jag har bara blivit förvisad i 5 veckor och jag bytte bara mina kläder och tog inte på mig headset igen när jag kom tillbaka och sedan gjorde jag en bombning och det var en kille som sa till mig att jag behövde gå och sedan jag hörde inte att så jag gjorde bombningen och sedan (jag...
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