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  1. Wescott

    Pending Ban Appeal

    Well in that case I don’t remember the incident.
  2. Wescott

    Pending Ban Appeal

    Can you post a screenshot please
  3. Wescott

    Pending Ban Appeal

    Don't believe it was me who banned you
  4. Wescott

    Closed 3myself v3

    Closed. Your applications have been denied twice now and won't change so stop wasting our time.
  5. Wescott

    Denied 3myself v2

    I don't understand why you are trying again after having your ban appeal denied already. All your creditable witnesses said they don't remember. You were banned for a valid reason and as far as I'm aware there is no reason to accept a ban appeal from you as you... A. Were racist and in front of...
  6. Wescott

    Denied sauce appeal

    As far as I remember you weren't being mugged, you came near Zack so I tried to stab you. I don't understand under any circumstance why you would say anything racist as there is absolutely no possible reason to be racist. Jon is your friend so that raises questions to the honesty of his answer...
  7. Wescott

    Denied sauce appeal

    Yes, I asked for someone to ban you because when I was next to you, you said out of nowhere "ni**er" unprovoked and without any prior RP reason, you were simply observing an ongoing situation which didn't involve you and the moment the attention turned to you that was the first and only word you...
  8. Wescott

    Denied Ban for cooldown

    Denied - Ban stands.
  9. Wescott

    Denied Second ban appeal

    Denied - Stop making ban appeals after one gets denied.
  10. Wescott

    Denied obesity

    Denied - I'm satisfied that Obesity acted correctly in these situations.
  11. Wescott

    Denied Report on Zach

    Denied - Follow the correct format.
  12. Wescott

    Denied Obesity is a cyber bully

    Denied - I feel that obesity was within his right to ban you based on what has been said.
  13. Wescott

    Denied pls unbann

    Denied - There's proof of you DM advertisement and I don't understand how you could do that by accident.
  14. Wescott

    Closed Staff report on Zack

    Closed. He was given permission
  15. Wescott

    Accepted Billy RDM

    Accepted - Billy admitted to it.
  16. Wescott

    Closed RDM

    Closed. This situation has already been sorted.
  17. Wescott

    remove SCO-19

    SCO need to be reformed or stripped of certain privileges due to the lack of major crimes e.g. not being allowed to patrol and can only respond to situations they're called to because there is no need for SCO to be preforming traffic stops or issuing tickets.
  18. Wescott

    Denied staff report on riggs

    Denied. I’m not sure what you were trying to report him for because you admit to breaking NLR twice.
  19. Wescott

    Accepted Eliza Staff report by Jackie

  20. Wescott

    Accepted Eliza Staff report by Jackie

    Can you post the evidence please.
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