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  1. Jordz


  2. Jordz

    Guide New Member Tutorial

    I'll have a look mate, However As you know I'm very new to the locations etc. We could maybe talk on Discord about locations etc.
  3. Jordz


    Cya man
  4. Jordz

    Guide New Member Tutorial

    Maybe also add NPC's location, as I see a lot of poeple asking where the Lean Dealer is etc
  5. Jordz

    Guide New Member Tutorial

    If you have plenty of time in your hand, You could maybe open up paint and then draw the map and add locations, such as Exton, Beach & Train Station
  6. Jordz

    Denied Give SCO-19 more armour

  7. Jordz


    Hello bby
  8. Jordz

    Staff on server?

    Like I said above, I made this when they were needed. Now they aren't needed ofcourse, I also said about not wanting to record as it's soo much hassle as they're so many of them.
  9. Jordz

    Denied [Staff] Microphone Only Remove

    Maybe you guys could implement a system that We have to type fast and be able to pass like 300+ words per minute.
  10. Jordz

    Staff on server?

    not needed
  11. Jordz

    Staff on server?

    Could we possibly have a lovely staff member online please, A lot of minging such as Lawyer's raiding PD etc. I know I could just report them but they're everywhere.
  12. Jordz

    Denied [Staff] Microphone Only Remove

    I understand why it's there don't get me wrong, maybe food for thought that we can also type if we are professional?
  13. Jordz

    Denied [Staff] Microphone Only Remove

    Name of suggestion: Microphone removal. Link (gmodstore, steamworkshop etc): N/A Why do you think this should be added?: So Ofcourse they are pro's and Con's to this just like any other suggestion However I feel like if we remove the part in the application that advises staff to have a working...
  14. Jordz


    Hello fat Mo
  15. Jordz

    Guide New Member Tutorial

    Maybe add something about requesting for lawyer etc.
  16. Jordz


  17. Jordz

    Flame' Intro

    Welcome mate!
  18. Jordz

    Officer Murphy 5868

    ATTENTION! Hehehe, All jokes a side, Hey guys so my first name is Jordan and I'm really intrested in PoliceRP and Police stuff that's why I've been a PCSO for 3 days :C. Not too worry, I've met some of you and been told off by PSD for something however I'm very new and need to get the just of...
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