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  1. Celtric

    Denied Unwarn App

    You was on top of the court house then you jumped down and started to run to PD and the sit was not finished
  2. Celtric

    Denied Celtric Abuse

    You was on top of the court house then you jumped down and then started to run towards pd so i warned you because the sit was not finished
  3. Celtric

    Denied Celtric Abuse

    Hello i was the staff member that warned. First of all i teleported you to me so why would i put you on the floor when i would have had to return you? After i warned you for scamming i was telling you not to do it again so you decided to jump of the roof and run towards PD lobby so i brought you...
  4. Celtric

    Accepted SCO-19 Slots

  5. Celtric

    Denied Unwarn

    I am going to describe what happend from when i got there till when i warned you As i said for the past two times you was using non RP friendly props and when i got there you and your friends started to shoot me and once i brought you somewhere to get out of the way your friends decided to...
  6. Celtric

    Denied Unwarn

    As is said before you was using non RP friendly props to block of the entrance to the bank and you and you friends started to minge during the sit by shooting me and when i brought you somewhere your friends started to porp climb up to us
  7. Celtric

    Denied Danny

    and also after the situation was over you carried on breaking the rules using more than 5 RP friendly props
  8. Celtric

    Denied Danny

    As is states in the rules you are permitted 5 roleplay friendly props, and active told me to come to him and when i got there i saw a wall blocking the entrance which is not rp friendly because how are you supposed to fit that prop through the door. After you and the others on TSF started...
  9. Celtric

    Denied Calaper/ƬΉΣMӨЦƧΣ ....'s unwarn application

    Mizo adverted knife fight then you adverted accepted he then advert false then you killed him and as you can see they is a 6 minute gap difference between them both this is because when i gave the logs to you i didn't realized they change and didn't give you the original times
  10. Celtric


    They was a group of people crashing the server when i banned you the sever stopped crashing for a while and then the others started to do it again so i believe that it was you crashing the server
  11. Celtric

    Accepted SOD DANNY ABUSE

    Hello, i banned you because you was crashing the server once i banned you it stopped for a while but then more people started to do it
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