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  1. Gatesway

    Denied Warn appeal by jackie

  2. Gatesway

    Pending Nibbits warn appeal

  3. Gatesway

    Denied Warn Appeal

    Denied due to failure to follow the warn appeal guidelines.
  4. Gatesway

    Denied Pls unban me

    Dear @Leon It is and continues to be your responsibility to inform yourself about the rules we have put in place. Not following them will, as a result, get you banned. Let this be a learning opportunity. Denied. Kind regards Gatesway
  5. Gatesway

    Denied I got banned for 3 weeks.

    NITRP remains a bannable offence and technically does not require an upfront warning to be given. Consider the following three weeks as your warning. Denied.
  6. Gatesway

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Dear @Snow My apologies for the late response, I had a difficult time gathering information about your ban. I will be accepting your appeal. I do advise you to be cautious not to break any rules when playing again on our server. Kind regards Gatesway
  7. Gatesway

    Accepted Unwarn

    Accepted. You may provide the link to this appeal to any senior admin or higher in-game to get your warning removed.
  8. Gatesway

    Denied Unwarn.

    Dear @lewisdaboss1231 I am fully aware of the situation you're describing. You are not to interrupt sits whatsoever, and could be punished for doing so as well. If a staff member needs you, they'll bring you. If you have critical information then feel free to create a sit yourself. However...
  9. Gatesway

    Denied Ban Appeal - Unreasonable ban

    Logs are reset after each restart. It remains your responsibility to acquire evidence when you deem unjust actions have been taken in order to prove them. Denied due to a lack of evidence.
  10. Gatesway

    Denied Warn appeal by Jackie

    Denied. The warning was justified.
  11. Gatesway

    Denied Ban Appeal - Unreasonable ban

    There is no staff member called 'Gerl'. Please provide the correct information and any evidence if possible for your appeal to be considered.
  12. Gatesway

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Dear @NishoDu That is incorrect, you are to advert counter arrest when attempting to violently remove someone from police custody. You are to advert PD raid when attempting to raid the police department. Your ban will be reduced to three weeks as your intentions were not to RDM but counter...
  13. Gatesway

    Denied warn appeal 2 in a row

    Dear @Hamzeh We appreciate you decided to start playing on Riverside! Rules will remain rules and unfortunately being new is not an excuse to violate them. If your intentions are well, you most likely will never reach anywhere near 40 warnings. Denied. Kind regards Gatesway
  14. Gatesway


    Denied. Although you might find it disputable, generally that is considered to be RDM.
  15. Gatesway

    Accepted Ban Appeal

  16. Gatesway

    Denied Brewster's Son's Ban Appeal

    Dear @Brewster's Son I feel like it would be beneficial to you to take a break for the remaining ban period. Denied. Kind regards Gatesway
  17. Gatesway

    Accepted toxic unban app

    Dear toxic I'll be reducing your ban length to 3 days as of now. Your intentions were right, however, rules are rules and they are to be followed and enforced if not. As Santan stated above, request for a staff member to verify when the most recent PM assassination took place. Kind regards...
  18. Gatesway

    Denied Ban appeal

    Dear @WitchJacket Even though your intentions may have differed from what you were banned for, we remain unaccepting towards anything that could be interpreted as racism in any way, shape or form. Therefore, your ban will stay in place. Kind regards Gatesway
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