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  1. MoDesigns

    Pending Monkay's Staff Application

    Sorry, but 3 weeks only? I don’t even know who you are, I cannot recognise the name at all, nevermind even think I have ever seen it in game. However people are saying that you’re chill and nice, which suggests you have been on quite a bit. Get more well known throughout the community // Play...
  2. MoDesigns

    Guide Riverside Democratic Labour Party - Manifesto Feb 2020

    Elections now open, vote RDLP 🗳
  3. MoDesigns

    PD Mercedes - fix pls

    It's been this bad for ages, i don't think anything ever got changed, but something NEEDS to change. The handling just isn't drivable, if you go around a corner at 20mph, you skid off the road completely with no control AT ALL.
  4. MoDesigns

    vote rdlp in council election ; ) <3

  5. MoDesigns

    Remove PD Raid

    -1, PD Raid created more fun in the server, it also has a HUGE cooldown.
  6. MoDesigns


  7. MoDesigns

    Guide Riverside Democratic Labour Party - Manifesto Feb 2020

    Hello, my name is MoDesigns. This is the Riverside Democratic Labourers Party, and these are our members, in order of priority: - LewisDaBoss (Chairman): - MoDesigns - Jon Burton - Robert J - Vzyloz - Charlez - Bot Btw - Outstanding - Lewis - Matos We are the Riverside Democratic Labourers...
  8. MoDesigns


  9. MoDesigns


  10. MoDesigns

    Fix Flash Grenades

    +1, not only flashes, but constant spam of grenades that give you no chance at all, honestly, they get too many things added to them constantly, they get 200 armour, flashes, nades, MK11, etc..
  11. MoDesigns

    Postman New Job

    +1 would be a legal source of money and would create more RP :) @fzn look at this
  12. MoDesigns

    Closed THE AR IS OP

    Take ARs from PD and give to SCO only? Seems like your just trying to benefit SCO more, thats the worst idea ever, without ARs in PD, higher ups btw, the server would be dominated by criminals...
  13. MoDesigns

    Time to say Goodbye...

    Yikes lads seems like im hated, lmao
  14. MoDesigns

    Time to say Goodbye...

    Bye, its been nice on this server. sike, why would I leave, unless...
  15. MoDesigns

    Accepted Discord Ban

    Ok, so this is a misunderstanding as you are some moderator on ROBLOX, it seemed very suspicious however, but I think you should be unbanned
  16. MoDesigns


  17. MoDesigns


    I am Mo. And I am fat. And I am the head of police. And I am Admin so yes. SAY HI TO ME NOW
  18. MoDesigns

    Justice for London Mafia!

    -1, infact LM should be scrapped/removed....
  19. MoDesigns


    @fzn maybe look at this? Looks pretty cool
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