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  1. flugs

    Am I Cool?

    being banned is cool
  2. flugs

    Make Traffic Police Bounty Hunter Team

    pb lmao
  3. flugs

    Denied Bitcoin

    i can picture it now [UK] ▶Riverside Roleplay◀ | DarkRP | Bitcoins
  4. flugs

    Am I Cool?

  5. flugs

    Who wants traffic police back?

    no. they were useless they just sat on their ass spam speedgunning people or did shit pursuits, they were supposed to be specialist drivers n all that shit but they were badly run, trained and maintained and therefore went to shit
  6. flugs

    Accepted unban appeal ❄️

    Name: flugs SteamID: STEAM_0:0:91646864 Date/Length of ban: perma Who banned you?: jabbers goon Why were you banned?: mass rdm (tfs) Why do you think you should get unbanned?: well I could sit here and write a para out about being sorry nd all that shit but i wanna play the server since I...
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