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  1. Arm

    Re-add everything with Meth in the server.

    then as a short time period they should get a offbrand meth mod
  2. Arm

    Re-add everything with Meth in the server.

    Mod maker is Zero
  3. Arm

    Dindu randomy mass rdming

    Dindu plays with other names one of them being abdulla didnu
  4. Arm

    Accepted Brandonnn's staff app (again)

    Sie wissen, was ich meine ~_~
  5. Arm

    Dindu randomy mass rdming

    Member(s) of staff: Dindu Member(s) of staff's rank: Moderator Date of Incident: 17/11/22 Information about the incident. Please include as much detail as possible: I was chilling with a couple of people then dindu kills us with a 40mm "adverts misclick but that was clearly not a misclick i feel...
  6. Arm

    Accepted Brandonnn's staff app (again)

    +1 chill ok guy knows the rules well active
  7. Arm

    Accepted King ET Staff APP (4)?

    yes +1 dont need a reason just a chill mf
  8. Arm

    An Updated Criminal's Guide Part 2

    rude hahaha
  9. Arm

    Accepted Ban appeal

  10. Arm


    [AWarn] You have been warned by (GS) CapKash | RSRP.UK: ARDM | Running From a Sit Name: Arm SteamID64: STEAM_0:1:557542738 Date of warning issue: 9/11/22 Member of staff: REALSKENGMAN Warning reason (screenshot): [AWarn] You have been warned by (GS) CapKash | RSRP.UK: ARDM | Running From a...
  11. Arm

    Accepted Ban appeal

    i was there at this time i do remember you killing a ton of people outside spawn and arround or inside it witch Big Chungus was the name aka you
  12. Arm

    Accepted Charliechocomelt's Staff app (Please read my reasoning)

    +1 Funny guy really chill knows the rules well
  13. Arm

    Ban Questions

    : ((
  14. Arm

    Denied Krisko staff app 3

    -1 not many people on this server acctually are fond of you your very mingy cring annoying - you do know the rules but i cant say much nice on your behalf
  15. Arm

    Krisko's Dpm App

  16. Arm

    Denied Arms Staff application

    No i am 18
  17. Arm

    An Updated Criminal's Guide

    it could use a slight bit more detail but other than that nothing needs an improvement
  18. Arm

    Denied Arms Staff application

    I tend to get aggresive usually in a roleplay or a joking behaviour sorry if that upsets you or anyone else
  19. Arm

    Denied Arms Staff application

    - only hobos can build/ have there stuff on the street it would be againts server rules C1 Doors You may only base where there are doors owned by yourself. Any store in Westfield can be used as a base. Only Hobos are permitted to base elsewhere except for the road. When basing on the...
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