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  1. Tequa

    Denied Warn Appeal

    Steam ID: 76561198984558057 Warning staff member: Selavi Warning reason: FearRp Date of warning: Friday, January 31 Why your warning should be reverted: I will not do it again as it was stupid of me for doing that wrong, I am aware of what I did and don't want my warn history to affect my...
  2. Tequa

    Accepted Discord Ban

    I will change my pfp
  3. Tequa

    Accepted Discord Ban

    Name: Nicko Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198984558057/ Banning staff member: Unsure probaly because I had my status as ”Dm me for help! If I’m offline contact another staff member!!” Banning reason: N/A Date of ban: 01/16/2020 Length of ban: Unknown Why your ban should be...
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