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  • Do not comment or reply to ban/warn appeals, staff reports or player reports when you are not directly involved in the situation.

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    Discord Ban Appeal

    Been delt with thanks anyway
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    Denied Daniel Spears Staff application

    Staff Member Requirements: - Must have played Riverside for at least two weeks. / - Cannot staff another server (conflict of interest). - Access to Discord. - A working microphone. - Clear understanding of the rules. Other rules: - Do not copy your application from a previously written one. -...
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    Discord Ban Appeal

    Name: Daniel Discord-ID: 992246557913129011 Ban reason: ngl I have no idea this is a new discord account no idea why I'm banned but it had to do with harry he hated me and picked at me for no reason then accused me of saying stuff that I didn't say because he hated me and because he was a high...
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