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  1. Rob Stores

    Accepted Greg using slurs

    Member: Greg ID: No idea Date: Today Information: Squidward and Declan came and arrested me in plat area because "I'm a pedophile" and got a bunch of people to come. Proof:
  2. Rob Stores

    Denied Greg ARDM Report

    I don't, no
  3. Rob Stores

    Denied Greg ARDM Report

    Member: Greg SteamID: Same as MRDM Report Date: Today Information: Started my OBS, tabbed back in and turned around and Greg started shooting at me. I killed him, and afterwards he said it was because I aimed at him. You can see this is bs from the clip. Evidence:
  4. Rob Stores

    Denied Economy

    +1 Bitminers would be good, especially as a legal but slower alternative to printers
  5. Rob Stores

    Accepted Greg MRDM report

    Member: Greg ID: Can't find Date: Today Information: Just kills an SCO for no reason I can see (no adverts related etc) and a bunch of other people along with them Evidence:
  6. Rob Stores

    opinion on sausage rolls/ RANKED

    The town I used to live at had a small company called "Cooplands". They did the best sausage rolls ever, and the best part was that they're 4 for a quid
  7. Rob Stores

    Denied SCO New Weapon

    Give it to NCA SGT+ and SCO LCPL+
  8. Rob Stores

    Accepted Buggzy using slurs

    Admitting to abuse as well...
  9. Rob Stores

    Accepted Buggzy using slurs

    Got another example if you want it
  10. Rob Stores

    Accepted Buggzy using slurs

    Member of staff: Buggzy Rank: Senior Admin Date of Incident: 19/09/22 Information: Used slurs in Discord Evidence:
  11. Rob Stores

    Accepted Greg Says the F word

  12. Rob Stores

    Denied Suggestion - Add Pac 3

    -1 It would be fun to have and some people would use it well, however a large majority of the community will use it for other means...
  13. Rob Stores


    NCA is still better ;)
  14. Rob Stores

    Denied Purchasable Currency as well as exchange rates.

    +1 for exchanging tokens to money, -100 for purchasing money off the store. P2P jobs are enough.
  15. Rob Stores

    Denied RealSkengman's Staff Application

    +1 Good, extensive application and have had only positive interactions with him. Good fit for staff.
  16. Rob Stores

    Denied SCO-19 (Replace a weapon)

    +1 but instead of SCO get it, NCA should get it
  17. Rob Stores

    Denied Selavi's Staff Application

    Neutral, have seen active a fair amount but haven't actually met before, and the application seems kinda rushed...
  18. Rob Stores

    Official RP_London - Ideas and Suggestions Thread

    Is it possible to make it alternate between day and night? We would get a use for headlights etc, and perhaps a flashlight could be added?
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