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  1. sauce

    Pending Jake’s staff app :)

    Neutral, Seen you in-game a couple of times although you got most, if not all of the scenario questions wrong, read them carefully and think about how many RDMS would equal MassRDM.
  2. sauce

    ok fed

    ok fed
  3. sauce


  4. sauce

    large big fat

    large big fat
  5. sauce

    Accepted GEH Unban Appeal

    I did believe you, and I did want to, which is why I let you off the first time although the second time you did it, just to demonstrate it, in the middle of a sit was just over the top and unneeded, although on the bright side, you did try your best to come back and looking back at it, I think...
  6. sauce


  7. sauce

    Increasing SOD Salary

  8. sauce

    Increasing SOD Salary

    free vip and casino access at senior mod ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. sauce

    Increasing SOD Salary

    Name of suggestion: To increase the salary of Staff On Duty job. Link (gmodstore, steamworkshop etc): N/A Why do you think this should be added?: I know staff get a lot of benefits but I think a higher salary would urge people that aren't reaching the 3 hour limit to be more active, you...
  10. sauce

    Someone gimmie well known member

    I only knew you because of how much trouble you caused in police, I don't think that's something you want to be known for.
  11. sauce

    RP_London criticism thread

    I don't know if you are able to add this at this stage however i think there should be some sort of path way or road from SCO19 HQ leading towards the main road outside Downing Street, instead of having an empty space.
  12. sauce

    rubber bullets

  13. sauce

    Denied Day cycle added back

    +1 However I think one that just snaps from day to night at a certain time would be more lag free.
  14. sauce

    Accepted Cuff walking speed

    +1 Slow cuff walking is really annoying for the arresting officer and for yourself and isn't realistic.
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