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  1. ActiveAlpha

    Pending Cameron's Staff Application

    +1 What vzyloz said.
  2. ActiveAlpha

    Accepted ActiveAlpha staff report

    No, I do not have recording.
  3. ActiveAlpha

    Accepted ActiveAlpha staff report

    Has nothing to do with you.
  4. ActiveAlpha

    Accepted ActiveAlpha staff report

    Hello, So i did destroy you weed which i am very sorry about and i shouldnt have done it, to be nice i offered to make it back to you or give you some money and you never gave an answer, I didn't raid you. What i did was i lock picked inside and saw your stuff and i destroyed it. I know from...
  5. ActiveAlpha

    Denied Land Rover for PaDP

    +1 and I think it is compatible with vcmod as traffic police had this Land Rover.
  6. ActiveAlpha

    Pending VIP Gun Dealer

    +`1 Way more guns to select from.
  7. ActiveAlpha

    Accepted Selavi's Unwarn App #2

    I was talking then you started talking. You also had the chance to speak when I was taking you back to spawn and before that but you stayed silent.
  8. ActiveAlpha

    Accepted Selavi's Unwarn App #2

    First of I never said you spammed your key bind. And about the 3 second rule, Even if the person is following you, you still need to give them a chance to respond as it is unfair .
  9. ActiveAlpha

    Accepted Selavi's Unwarn App #2

    Hello, So about the warn 1/2/3 thing it's pretty unrealistic for you to warn someone to back off and not actually give them a chance to back of, Hense hey you give 3 seconds in between each warn as it's pretty unrealistic and you did not give at least 3 seconds in between which is why I warned...
  10. ActiveAlpha

    Diss Track Season

  11. ActiveAlpha

    Pending Recoking licenses

    +1 Make the Roleplay better.
  12. ActiveAlpha

    Denied ArticWolf's ban appeal

    There were constant reports of you breaking rules, you even did it in front of Mo Designs. Finnley also warned you and agreed to you being banned as you continually minged. - T-MOD Active
  13. ActiveAlpha

    Denied Suicide Bomb

    +1 I think it would make bomb situations better without PD/SCO just killing u when u say u got a bomb.
  14. ActiveAlpha

    Closed BMW x5 For NHS (HART)

    +1 it's got the speed and can be used for more fast response rp situations.
  15. ActiveAlpha

    Closed Staff Report

    Name: ActiveAlpha SteamID: STEAM_0:1:496240614 Date & Time Of Incident: 16-11-2019 & 12:59 Member Of Staff Name: TJ Army Rank Of Staff Member: Moderator Explanation: I was playing as PD and someone was pointing a gun at a PCSO outside of exton motors and so that person shot me then i killed...
  16. ActiveAlpha

    Transport Suggestion

    +1 sounds good and looks good and I think it would make the rp a whole lot better
  17. ActiveAlpha

    Make Traffic Police Bounty Hunter Team

    -1 dont sound good and you would need completely different player models
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