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  1. CptMax

    Guide How to connect to the server?

    I have seen some people that people dont know how to connect via the console. When you have opend Garry's Mod and go to the Homepage, than you need to pres ~ that will open you're console, when you're in paste this in there: connect And press enter if you folowed these...
  2. CptMax

    here you go: connect

    here you go: connect
  3. CptMax

    Accepted Getting kicked from padp ?

    man imagina what happen to him he couldnt do stuff against it soooo idk
  4. CptMax

    Pending New Update on GMOD which has spicy content

    +1 should be nice to have :)
  5. CptMax

    Pending Caller Info

    Hello i understand what you mean but it will take a lot of time to do so! since there arent streetnames / idents everyone knows it will take a lot of time but if its my choice ill take it in conisderation! ill realy see this happen! thanks for you'r sugestion, Your Sincerely, Max - Moderator
  6. CptMax

    Denied Unlimeted ammo for pd armoury

    -1 not realistic
  7. CptMax

    Pending Undercover having radio

    +1 than you can call your mates in uniform IRL they use that to
  8. CptMax

    Pending Recoking licenses

    +1 more realistic
  9. CptMax

    Pending VIP Gun Dealer

    +1 good but note not all overpowerd guns in there but is more nice and the prices should go down
  10. CptMax

    Closed BMW x5 For NHS (HART)

  11. CptMax

    RiverSide Phone Update

    -1 Not needed no one used it
  12. CptMax

    Denied Suicide Bomb

    +1 same as SpicyNugs said
  13. CptMax

    ArticWolf's Mafia suggestion

    -1 doesnt make sense
  14. CptMax

    Drug dealer + Van suggestion

    -1 Wil lagg the server
  15. CptMax

    fungus in the house

    Hello, And Welcome To Riverside Roleplay! hope you have an amazing time here!
  16. CptMax

    Hi my names Korg

    Ok, Welcome to Riverside!
  17. CptMax

    Closed Prime minister Apps arent open any more,

    if they open again it will be posted! any questions about PM / DPM etc, Contact a higher up in PaDP
  18. CptMax

    Bring back riverside recordings?

    idk what is is but +1 sounds cool
  19. CptMax

    Diss Track Season

    xD nice!!!
  20. CptMax

    Diss Track Season

    SERGIO IS A BEAST MAN i love this!!!!!
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