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Denied actual unban appeal

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Nov 3, 2019
Name: flugs
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:91646864
Date/Length of ban: 5 weeks
Who banned you?: Finch

Why were you banned?: Mass RDM
Why do you think you should get unbanned?: This has been heard from me before but this mass rdm, i was provoked and pushed over the edge in a private DM, i have SEN which can cause me to have a very bad temper i can’t control and i fucked up bad, i know what i did wrong and what i should of done; left the server. It’s winter time and since i can’t go out i’d like to have a server to play and really dedicate to so i’m going to do just that and roleplay. I’ve waited 2-3 weeks of my ban to reflect on my actions and i think i am finally ready and prepared to appeal this ban and come back to the server, all i ask is one single last chance and if i’m banned again i won’t come back.

BTW with all the disstracks, they’re jokes me and sergio are calm. i’m still gonna end him when his track comes out.


Community Co-Owner
Senior Management
Oct 13, 2019
"all i ask is one single last chance and if i’m banned again i won’t come back."

How many last chances have you already gotten?
This has been going on forever. You become staff, leave by causing massive drama, mass rdm and then want to be unbanned.

We appreciate all you did for riverside but that doesn't make you immune from rules. If we were to continuously unban you, you would just repeat the same thing.
You even uploaded a video to youtube about your mass rdm. At this point theres nothing to unban you for. If you have anger issues, you should take a break from gmod. And not just two weeks this time.

With all this said, everyone in SMT agrees to keep you banned for the remainder of the 5 weeks. Don't appeal this ban again.
Next time your ban is permanent.
Not open for further replies.
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