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Denied Adolf Abusing

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Well-known member
Oct 28, 2019
Name: Selavi
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:220712371
Date & Time Of Incident: Today at 15:05 British time

Member Of Staff Name: Adolf
Rank Of Staff Member: Trial Staff

Explanation: I was driving my red golf on the road and then some random gun dealer starts to shoot my car (probably self supplying) my car blew up and I was 1 HP I started to shoot the gun dealer and then some Staff took him away in the middle of the action ! So I started shooting back on the dealer and he was froze on the mall and then staff came to me and pushed me away with his phys gun I tried to tell him what happened but he didnt listen and just warned me ! I was extremely angry and I started yelling and stuff then kind staff Nano took my sit and tried to help me but he probably forgot and Im making this report because I think my warning should be removed

Evidence: Logs
Witnesses: Nano, Logs

Adolf Gutenberg

PoliceRP Administrator
Staff Member
Nov 7, 2019
I reported you for ARDM in a sit due to the fact that even though I was uncloaked and had brought him up to a sit you reloaded your weapon and continued shooting at the person who was in the sit (even when I said for you to stop), that is the reason I warned you.


Retired Staff Manager
Oct 20, 2019
I can see where the staff member is coming from. You should not be shooting at someone if an admin uncloaks near them and starts bringing them. Denied.
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