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An Updated Criminal's Guide Part 2


Aug 14, 2021
Riverside's Criminal Guide Part 2

4) Lean Production

This is arguably by far one of the most efficient and easiest ways of making money illegally, along with money printers. In order to produce lean, you need to be a 'Drug Dealer'. And locate a quiet area as the process can be loud. You will need the following:
  • Lean Barrel
  • Lean Crate/Small Box
  • Lean Cups
This will only require a small investment, the most you will need to start yourself off is £20,000. Use the lean barrel and purchase all the ingredients by pressing 'E' on it, when you have done that you will need to shake it thoroughly (turn your DPI up I recommend if you have the right mouse, turning the DPI right up to the max as you want this process to be swift) until you've shaken it to 100%, meaning the lean is fully mixed. Fill up your lean cups by dipping them into your lean barrel, and then you can pack these cups into a lean crate or small box (the crate holds 10 cups, the small box holds 2 cups) and then take it to a lean dealer to cash out. They can be found in 2 locations being:

  • Beach Area (Can be Found on the long straight near PD)


  • Vauxhall Tunnels (Alleyway found on the right hand side within the tunnels near Vauxhall Car Dealership)


5) Weed Growing
To avoid having to read a block of text on how to grow weed, this lovely video made by the author of the addon (Zeros Grow) will give you a step by step tutorial on growing weed and some neat tips and tricks I will also be putting links to more videos on the add-on as it's quite extensive.

Once you have harvested the flower, head to the Weed Dealer, found in Suburbs behind the unfurnished house, you can also find the Export Manager in Leslie Green aka Little Town beside the petrol station but...Be careful it's a dangerous zone as Police regularly Patrol in these areas and it's a hotspot for these coppers.

More Videos on the GrowOP 2 Can be found on Zero's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/hak345/videos

6) Alternative Methods
There are other ways of making money illegally, however these don't necessarily pay a lot. These include mugging, raiding other players, holding people hostage for ransom and being a Hitman and an Assassin to do people's dirty work for them. by hunting down players and killing them for Money!

You can only mug a player for a maximum of £5,000.

Where can I get my hands on a weapon?

You can buy illegal weapons from a normal Gun Dealer, which may be quite pricey depending on who it is, however if you explore the tunnels underground you will find a Black-market Dealer who supplies a small selection of weapons you can also purchase weapons from Anyone on the Black-Market Gun Dealer Job.


How do the adverts and cooldowns work?

When doing majority of illegal activity you need to advertise. There are also cooldowns in which you need to wait before you repeat a crime. For instance, if somebody raided the PD you would have to wait 30 minutes before you could do it. You can always ask an admin to check your cooldowns for you. Here is a list of them:

PD Raid30 minutes.
Bank Raid25 minutes.
Store Raid15 minutes.
Base Raid20 minutes.
Mugging15 minutes.
Kidnapping30 minutes.
Terror / Bombing45 minutes.
Car Theft10 minutes.

An example of a valid advert: "/advert Mug, drop £5,000 or face death mofo!"

Hopefully this updated guide helps you learn more about Riverside and will be of some use to you, and gives you more to do. It will be updated frequently when new content is added here n there. Enjoy and have fun chaps!
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