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Official Ban Appeal Template

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Mar 20, 2020
Dear member

Whilst posting on our Discord, you might have (un)intentionally broken a rule and been issued a ban for it. Seldom it happens that bans are issued faultily.
If you believe the ban you received was unjust, feel free to appeal it within this section.

When appealing your ban, you are
  • not to ask any member of staff to review your appeal
  • not to appeal a ban shorter than one day
  • to answer all questions to the best of your ability
  • to stick to the following format
Banning staff member:
Date of ban:
Why your ban should be reverted:
Evidence (if any):
Not following these guidelines, will result in an instant denial of your appeal.

Our server administrators are committed to providing you with the best support available, therefore you may expect your appeal to be responded to within 72 hours of submission.

Kind regards, Gatesway - Riverside Forums Manager
Not open for further replies.
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