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Denied Banned.

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Nov 20, 2019
Name: Benjaminge
SteamID: STEAM_1:1:102762167
Date/Length of ban: 2 weeks
Who banned you?: Rob

Why were you banned?: 'mass minge'

Why do you think you should get unbanned?: This is the second time I am making this appeal as something quite hilarious happened to the first application. The first application was investigated by MoDesigns and with the evidence I provided he accepted the unban application and said I would be unbanned. Rob then decides to deny the application a few hours later with no reasoning, I have no idea why he has denied this application as he didn't even reply to the thread or give me any explanation. I have requested that he message me on discord - dixon#7349 - which he has not done so I am once again wondering why I am still banned as I literally have proof that I was not mass minging compared to Rob who has no proof that I was mass minging.

Any evidence?: Once again I am going to link the video which proves I was not 'mass minging' - the video also shows that not ONCE did a staff member TP to us, bring us to a sit or even warn us about anything we were doing, we were just playing and then we were banned.

Rob I would like you to personally message me on discord so we can discuss why you decided to deny a once accepted unban application.



Community Manager
Staff Manager
Senior Management
Oct 30, 2019
Dear @Benjaminge

Even though you weren't handled in a traditional way through a sit, you were simply wasting the Chief Inspector's time by not RP'ing as a proper Cadet.
On the basis of that, your appeal is denied.
Besides, you were using your handy pack for the wrong purpose, which could lead to it being removed from yourself without compensation.

Please when re-joining our server next time, obey by our rules.

Kind regards,
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