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Big Car + Gun Suggestion


Oct 5, 2021
This is going to be an essay so I'll split it into 2 sections, And I'd also like to add that I suggest an eco reset if this all goes through so that people get a fresh start as rn some people are ballin and if everyone were to start anew for the release of RP_LONDON when it comes around, with a more balanced weapon system and some new whips to grind for it would be more fair and fun for everyone
-Section 1 - Cars

-Section 2- Weapons


Section 1 - Change and buff some cars, While also removing some useless ones and re-adding some old ones that are cool. Currently, alot of the cars we have are shit. Super expensive and quite frankly almost impossible to drive. I know staff dont want to increase the size of the servers content by adding loads of new shit for cars but if we just remove/change the ones that suck ass then we come to a mid-ground where the players get what they want and there isnt too much sacrifice from staff apart from testing the cars and shit. I'm sure alot of the players would be up to help Mr FZN test some cars as much as changing them is a pain in the ass and can be difficult. For example. Although the Mazda Furai has had a recent change and is a bit faster, It has a massive issue where as soon as you hit 126MPH, the car will immediately spin out with no way of controlling it. Then you have the Mercedes, which there are 9 of and barely used apart from the truck for moving drugs and SOMETIMES the E63 as a cheap car. Imma list all of the categories of car here and give my opinion on them:

Audi: Both Non-Diamond R8's are low-mid tier, don't handle well at all and the S4 is the same situation as the E63. - Buff the R8's and keep the category
BMW: 20Mill BMW sucks horse shit and should either be decreased in price or outright removed. I8 is too slow for the price and doesn't match other cars of the same price. 530D Touring too op for the price increase or nerf car. - Keep
Bugatti - Why is the regular Veyron better then the SS for a lower donator rank and less money, swap stats around and try to sort EB110 handling as it slides. - Keep
Ferrari - Pretty balanced category although idk bout the F50 as iirc it has a similar handling problem to alot of the super/hypercars - Keep category
Ford - 10 Fords and people only use a couple of them, being the Raptor and Shelby GT500. Other cars are worthless collectors items no one uses - Remove most of the cars from dealer
Jaguar - Remove or buff as currently useless
Lamborghini - Sort handling out as most of the cars spin out when turning. They're a staple car on any server so I wouldn't remove
Land Rover - Wtf is going on with the Land rovers. Remove
Mazda - Furai is mid with a huge problem. Mazda Rx7 useless overpriced shit. Others I never see. - Buff Furai sort out price of other cars and buff
Mclaren - P1 is the only decent Mclaren other 2 suck and skid out when turning. All 10+ million and not worth it. Sort handling out on the cars and keep
Mercedes - Too many cars, not used enough. Remove most of the cars
Mini - Used in small dealer so keep
Motorbike - Is awful buff or just remove
Nissan - Why is Skyline the fastest car and ridiculously priced when its not even that good normally. GTR is a good mid range car but the other cars you dont see - Remove them from the dealer there's no point
Noble - Same as Land Rover
Porsche - Category is good as it is apart from Cayenne. Make it a bit faster
Volkswagen - Literally unused with so many cars - Remove

For all of these cars, I'm happy to help test the handling and stuff if you need it and give a more in-depth opinion when I drive it.

Some cars to consider adding -
Maserati - There's only 2 and they're mid-high range cars, would fit in
Lykan Hypersport - Was a good rival to Bugatti on *Another server - RIP* Would make a good addition although it is Simphys and does have some required addons and is quite large so i'd understand if this was denied
Koenigsegg CCX, Agera, Regera, Jesko - Koenigseggs are some sick cars and also super fast so it would add a new lot of super high-end hypercars for people to drive so its not just Bugatti etc.
Subaru - Some really nice drift cars that people could use to race round windy etc and any sharp corners on RP_LONDON

Section 2- Weapons right now are very limited in terms of viability with the AR-15 being what it is and the same for the MK-18. Server combat as of now is limited to Custom jobs running MK-18 vs PD with the AR-15 and you dont see other weapons touched APART from the Super 90 and KSG (For NCA). I'll do the same thing I did with the cars and go through all of the currently available ones on BMGD with my opinion

Serbu Shorty - Needs a buff, used to be better then M3 and an SCO HU gun, Never used anymore
Super 90 - Keep as it is
KSG - Keep as is
Glock - Keep as it is
Desert Eagle - Cool niche gun thats quite OP if you can aim. Keep as is
MR96 - Same as Deagle
PM - Cant comment haven't used
P99 - Same as PM
M1911 - Same as PM
Five-seven - Keep as is
UMP.45 - Sack of shit, increase damage and keep it as a low firerate hard hitting SMG
MP9- Nerf Firerate a small bit
Mac 11- Have more firerate then MP9, but with less damage and more spread
MP5 - Keep as is
G3A3 - Needs a firerate buff as its very slow rn. All guns with lower firerates arent worth it as once a higher firerate gun shreds armor the knockback you get from being hit just stops you from being able to do anything. Could be non VIP alternative to LR 300
Cheytac - Pointless sniper as Remington is just better - Possibly Increase firerate and decrease damage a bit so its better for some quick heavy hits
Remington - Keep as it is
LR 300 - Nerf firerate so it's slower then MK18, as right now its barely used unless Mafia or T need a good gun
MK 18 - Nerf damage so that it is the opposite to the LR 300 and you either pick high firerate and low damage or lower firerate high damage
Scar H - Give it a bit more damage as it's a complete peashooter right now, Can be non donator alternative to MK18 but slightly worse
AK74 - Used to be a staple gun for everyone, was balanced and fair to fight against the AR15 with. Decrease aim spread and maybe increase firerate by like 50
AR15 - Please nerf the damage and firerate by a small amount on each so that its more on par with the other guns. Yes PD should have the small advantage but thats why this should get a slight decrease instead of larger ones like MK and LR
M249 - Keep as is as with other weapon nerfs it'll slot in nicely. MAYBE decrease damage by like 2/3
L85A2- Useless weapon compared to AR-15. Increase damage
M14 - Maybe make more like a DMR with single fire and slightly higher damage
VSS - Dunno what happened to it but it used to be good and now is awful. Buff to damage
L115 - Keep as is.


Once again happy to help test if management want

Some weapons to consider adding -

HK416 - Another alternative to MK and LR - Could be used for customs aswell OR given to a department (Doesnt matter gov or crim) as a new thing for them.
MP7A1 - Another SMG that can serve as midground between UMP and MP9, as it does in most games
Dragunov - Good DMR alternative to the (Hopefully changed) M14
Bullpup Weapons (AUG A3, TAR-21, QBZ-97) - Could make these burst rifles, would be something new and a bit more fun to use

How will this benefit the community: Removes a bunch of useless cars and adds some new options so everyone isn't driving the same shit. Balances the guns so that, the same for cars, everyone isn't using the same shit and you can use other things and still have a fair chance to fight. Currently, just MK18 vs AR15 combat, getting boring now. Ofc donator guns can still better then the non-donator ones, You gotta make bread which is understandable. Its just that combat is starting to become stale and i'm sure alot of people will agree, Especially the ones who are quite good at it.


Maserati - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=423749944&searchtext=TDMCars
Lykan - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1415668390&searchtext=Lykan+hypersport
Jesko - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1824947773&searchtext=Koenigsegg
Agera - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=283407721&searchtext=Koenigsegg
Regera - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1365157354&searchtext=Koenigsegg
CCX - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1562349600&searchtext=Koenigsegg
Subaru - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=266504181&searchtext=TDMCars


HK416 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=833360736&searchtext=CW+2.0+HK
MP7A1- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1615087084&searchtext=CW+2.0+HK
Dragunov - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=410154986&searchtext=CW+2.0+Dragunov
Bullpup weapons - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=838920776&searchtext=CW+2.0+Aug
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Staff Member
May 10, 2021
-1 i think all guns are good rn but just boring

+1 adding new ones tho


Oct 8, 2021
litterally the perfect review i couldnt be asked to do i think everything here is completely factual
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Jan 12, 2022
+1 defo more fun discovering the good weapons and cars in game (and making them more equal with different perks) rather than most players all using the same shit making it less interesting. I think if an update like this came along it would be a lot of fun plus encourage old players who got bored to come back because of econ reset and new cars ect.


Jun 29, 2021
I'm neutral with this, I like the new gun suggestions you're mentioning but I don't think any guns really need nerfing now. I also like the car suggestions


Feb 19, 2021
+1 all the way
All the cars in the dealer feel extremely neglected and worthless compared to some of the other offerings like BMWs and that one plat ferrari. Adding new opportunities and balancing to the server will significantly improve gameplay
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