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  • Do not comment or reply to ban/warn appeals, staff reports or player reports when you are not directly involved in the situation.

Accepted Brandonnn's staff app (again)

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Sep 25, 2022
Section A: Applicants background

1.1: What is your in-game name? Brandonnn
1.2 How old are you? 17
1.3 Do you have a working microphone? yes
1.4 How long have you been playing Riverside? Over 2 months
1.5 Are you fluent in English? yes
1.6 What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:655246979
1.7 References (if any)? None

Section B: Definitions and critical thinking:

2.1: Define RDM and provide two examples:
RDM stands for Random Death Matching. This is referred to when a player kills another player without a reason to do so.

One example of this is when a player who has their Super-90 out starts shooting at an innocent civilian on the street and kills them for no reason at all, this is classed as RDM as there was no valid reason to kill the civilian at all.

Another example of RDM is when a player stabs someone innocent with a knife and kills them, that is also classed as RDM as they have no reason to be stabbing and murdering that innocent civilian.

2.2: Define NLR and provide two examples:
NLR (known as New Life Rule) is when someone has been killed and and is not allowed to go back to the same place of their death. After someone has died, they are supposed to forget whatever happened to them in their past life and get on with their new one. The person who was killed has to stay away from their place of death for 5 minutes before returning back to where they died recently.

One example of NLR is when Ben, a Police Inspector, gets killed during a PD Raid. He is now forbidden to go back to the place he died inside the PD or even the whole PD as if the raid is still ongoing, it would make it unfair for the players who are raiding. James would have to wait 5 minutes before going back in. James doesn't follow the rule and goes back to the PD straight after anyways which then classifys as NLR.

Another example that could be given is when James has been killed during a mugging because he refused to pay the money demanded. Garry then decides to go back to where he was killed as soon as he respawns and sees the person who killed him, he then criticises the person who mugged him for killing him. Garry was supposed to forget his previous life as part of the rules, but he didn't, so this is classed as NLR.

2.3: Define FearRP and provide two examples:

FearRP is when a certain player is outnumbered by other players who all have weapons pointing at them, they would have to comply with the other players demands as there are more of them and the players life is at risk. The player cannot pull out their weapon to try and defend themselves or try to escape from them. And they cannot be scared of death and must comply if they are outnumbered.

An example of this is when a big group of people follow a suited citizen, Leon, into the mall. They all get their guns out and aim them at Leon. Leon then pulls out his pistol and shoots one of them but ends up getting killed by the group of people. This is known as Fear RP as he shouldn't of pulled his pistol out but instead he should've had his hands up and complied with the group as he is outnumbered and outgunned too.

Another example of this is when 4 London Mafia members get out their car and point their guns at you before attempting to kidnap you. You then decide to pull out your newly bought knife and try stab one of the members, you die in the process because of this. This is a form of FearRP as you should'vecomplied with the Mafia members and followed their demands to keep yourself alive for longer.

2.4: What is homophobia and provide two examples:

Homophobia is the discrimination/hatred towards specific member or group of the LGBTQ+

Example 1. A player decides to target another player and kill them because they are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Calling them homophobic and offensive names in the process. This is classed as Homophobia as he is being harassed and targeted.

Example 2. A member of staff has identified as a homosexual and a player starts harassing the staff member in OOC in the chat. This is classed as homophobia as the player is intentionally trying to offend the member of staff.

2.5: What is racism and provide two examples:

Racism is the discrimination of another race, community or an individual based on their ethnic group, their origin of birth or their beliefs.

Example 1. Garry meets a player called Rasheem who is new to the server. He is a Muslim who wants to meet new people on the server. While Garry and Rasheem talk, another player decides to call Rasheem a terrorist and a bomber and then blows up Rasheem to make things worse. This upsets Rasheem and makes him leave the server as he was upset and offended. This an example of Racism as the player is being offensive and discriminating towards Rasheem and what the religion he believes in too.

Example 2. A player who was born in Africa is casually playing in the server and a random player calls this person a ni**er in the chat OOC. This offends the person and makes him really mad and upset. This is classed as racism as it discriminates him because of the colour of his skin and where he was from.

Please answer the following questions as if you were a Trial-Mod:

2.6: William has adverted carjack and stolen an NHS members vehicle. Joe reports him for failing to advert carjack. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

Firstly I would take them to a sit so i can talk to them both privately. Then I would listen to what both parties have to say about this situation on their sides. After I have heard what they both explained to me I would check the logs and see if William did advert the carjack. After I have seen that he did advert the carjack I would explain to joe that he did advert this and William is following the rules by the book. I would then let Joe know the rules for carjacks and advertising in general so he is informed for next time. Then to conclude I would tell him that carjacks are up to the in-game police to deal with as it is theft and not the admins unless they didn’t advert the carjack in the first place. At the end I would take them back to where they originally were and carry on with the server.

2.7: Joe has reported William for shooting at him for no reason. William states that he was not shooting for no reason, he adverted PD raid. William has killed 6 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

Firstly, I would bring them both to a sit and listen to what both Joe and William have to say about the situation. After I have listened to what they both had to say, I would check logs and see if the 6 people that William killed were killed in the PD during the raid. If they weren’t in the PD and they were killed then William would be punished for Mass RDM. However, if he did kill the 6 people while they were in the PD during the raid, then I will let Joe know that William can kill anyone in the PD while he is raiding as long as he adverted the raid before he started it, so therefore Joe will know afterwards that William is not in the wrong and also if Joe wants to raid PD or anywhere else in the future, then he knows what to do. After letting Joe know about the rules of raiding, I would dismiss the sit and let him and William carry on role playing in the server.

2.8: Joe (Drug dealer) has built a base on the sidewalk. William raids Joes base with no advert. Joe kills William. William gets a new gun and drives straight back and kills Joe and sells all his drugs. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

First of all, I would listen to both sides of the story and see what both have to say. After this I would tell them that they are both in the wrong. I would try to not punish them much for their wrong doings, but I would warn them. I would warn Joe as he has built on the sidewalk as a drug dealer where he is not allowed to build there unless he is a hobo or hobo king. I would also warn William too for NLR and failing to advert the raid as he deliberately gets a new gun and shoots Joe in revenge after raiding his base without advertising it . I would make sure to tell them both to reread over the rules so they don’t break them again but if they do it again I would have to punish them. I would also compensate Joe for the money he lost from his stolen drugs. After that I would dismiss

2.9: William as a Commander in the Police is hosting a meeting he adverts “Pd meeting | Starting 5m | Important topics | No major crimes” Joe as a Jihad adverts bombing and ends up killing 10 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

I would pull both William and Joe to one side and explain to Joe that he did commit MassRDM as bombing is a major crime and explain the fact that William did mention “No Majors” when he advertised the meeting which means no major crimes while meeting is being held. I would let Joe explain why he did the bombing and if he was apologetic and told me it was genuinely a mistake and didn’t realise it was no majors I would warn him about what he has done and let him go. I would then revive all the players that were killed and let them carry on with the meeting or whatever they were doing at the time. However if Joe has seen the advert and purposely ignored it then I would most likely give him a MassRDM ban as he intentionally killed everyone in the meeting.

Section C: Questions

3.1: Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I am a respectful person who is willing to help out when people need it. Also I am dedicated to the server and I want to continue helping staff to keep making Riverside an enjoyable server for new and older players who want to keep playing.

3.2: If you were in a situation you did not know how to handle what would you do?

I would ask or contact a higher up mod/admin for help on the situation.

3.3: Do you have previous experience staffing servers?

No previous experience

3.4: List three strengths that you have that will help you staff:

I am a good listener meaning i am willing to listen to people who need help or advice where applicable

I am a fair person and will not be biased towards anybody

I communicate well with people so it would help if i need to help a player or staff

3.5: List three weaknesses that may affect you when you’re staff:

I can’t always be on staff job as I am in quite a few other jobs e.g, PD,NCA,SCO etc.

I also work anyday of the week as i am on flexible contract and I have college so it’s not guaranteed that I’ll be online every day.

3.6: Why do you want to be a staff member?

I want to be a staff member so I can offer support to players who need it and make sure people enjoy playing on the server

3.7: Do you have any disabilities (or other issues) that may impact your ability as staff?


Have you received any help when creating this application? No

Do you consent to further fact-checking and background checking? Yes
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Staff Member
Jul 19, 2022
+1 Friendly guy, Very active, can be a bit too much at times but other than pretty alright if he was staff. 🛫✈️🛬🏝️


Sep 25, 2022
+1 Friendly guy, Very active, can be a bit too much at times but other than pretty alright if he was staff. 🛫✈️🛬🏝️
Yea even I know I can be a bit much sometimes but I could easily fix that ofc. Thanks for the +1 anyways brotha 😁


Staff Supervisor
Staff Member
Feb 18, 2021
Accepted, You will be contacted for the interview
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