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Accepted Bugzzy Staff Report

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Joe Slim

Sep 19, 2021
Member(s) of staff: Bugzzy
Member(s) of staff's rank: Junior Admin
Date of Incident: 11/21/2021 - 7:40 AM MST
Information about the incident. Please include as much detail as possible: So I was getting a gun, I see about 2 or 3 people pull up when I am getting a gun from gun dealer NPC I got some ammo then I walk out of the cave with a gun out then I get surrounded by people with guns I walk away then they follow me, They also destroyed my car, I then see a advert of a "

[Advert] Sir Akhund Barbar MBE: free sweets in the back (kidnap strips weapons comms and human rights)" kidnap and I was looking if one of them was the kidnapper and I see one I shoot him since I still my gun out then the other 2 dont advert assist so I dont think they are with him so I just kill the Barbar guy then they shoot me then call staff then Bugzzy warns me for "Running from sit l Lying to staff l Fear RP" I only ran since I thought the sit was done I wasnt lying to staff and they never adverted assist so it was only 1 man
Evidence on the incident: In-game, Clips, Discord,


Staff Member
Aug 28, 2021
Hi joe

The part of the warning that was given to you was for lying to me about not seeing the adverts on the console as on my screen it was pretty clear that 2 people adverted they were participating in the kidnap (i even sent you a ss of logs in discord to clear up any confusion) the running from a sit part is pretty self-explanatory i was still uncloaked there talking to them, the fear RP part of the warning is when I checked the combat renders there were two guns pointed at you and in the advert you are striped meaning you cant pull out a weapon.

thanks, Bugzzy


Staff Manager
Feb 18, 2021
Accepted, the rule of FearRP was mistaken by the staff member in this report. He will be spoken to.
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