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Car Suggestion: 1993 Ford Mustang Foxbody-Cobra


Jan 14, 2020
Name of suggestion: Adding the Foxbody Mustang to the car dealer

Link (gmodstore, steamworkshop etc): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=307458805

Why do you think this should be added?:

Made by the guy who brought you all the PD cars, like the Jaguar XJ-R and the BMW 520d Touring, AND the BMW E30 M3 Group A Rally, I present this Mustang for the main car dealer. The Foxbody Mustang was a very curious car, with the quirky headlight design and boxy late 80s - early 90s design, but dont let it fool you. This car IS a Mustang and has a 5.0L V8 engine which is powerful and growls loud like nothing else. I can literally taste hamburgers when I hear the sound of the V8, its that American.

The Foxbody Mustang can also have many different optional looks and styles, from a mean dragster look to a minimalist sleeper style. I've driven it around a lot in singleplayer on the NewExton map and I can safely say that this car controls well, drifts really nice and looks good while doing it. It even comes with an optional rear window sticker, which you can see at the bottom of the post.

The Foxbody Mustang also comes with two rear seats, so you are able to bring all your buddies around for a spin, or to roll up to the PD and raid it for an M249 and AR-15... You know, Casual things...

This car should definitely be in a price range that is accessible for those who can put in hard work, but not be stupid fucking expensive like most stuff on the dealer is anyways. This can be up for debate but i would price this at 3.5 Million.

At the bottom of this post, I will show a few screenshots in-game of what the Foxbody looks like when its done up real clean and fancy, and also provide a youtube video to let you have a listen to what it is like c:

I encourage everyone to download the addon yourselves for singleplayer and try it out. Thats all!

(apologies near the end as the video just kinda dies idk why)


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