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Denied craftys PM application

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Jun 23, 2021
Section A: Applicants background

1.1: What is your in-game name? Crafty
1.2: How old are you? 14 its my birthday
1.3: Do you have a working microphone? yes
1.4: How long have you been playing Riverside? like 1 year
1.5: Are you fluent in English? yes
1.6: What is your SteamID?STEAM_0:1:580723338
1.7: In-game warnings? (Provide screenshot) i cant unfortunately
1.7: References (if any)?

Section B: Skills and Experiences

2.1: What skills do you possess that could be useful? i can be active i have a mice and i think that could be useful
2.2: What past experiences do you have that could be useful? I've been a AC on a different server so i think that could help
2.3: Why do you want to be our next (Deputy) Prime Minister? I want to make the country and new exton the best it can be. Ill listen to feedback, criticism, hate and ill improve myself and how New Exton is and make it a better place. Ill stop crime best I can and ill add laws restricting guns with licenses. If people want drugs like lean they can have it


Sep 7, 2021
-1 Can't follow government rules while being in government, don't think he would be fit for PM
Not open for further replies.
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