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Denied crooks staff application

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Apr 10, 2021
Section A: Applicants background

1.1: What is your in-game name? crooks
1.2 How old are you?14.5
1.3 Do you have a working microphone?Yes
1.4 How long have you been playing Riverside? Since April 2021
1.5 Are you fluent in English? Yes
1.6 What is your SteamID?STEAM_0:1:215288562
1.7 References (if any)?

Section B: Definitions and critical thinking:

2.1: Define RDM and provide two examples:
RDM means Random Death Match. RDM is when a user kills a user with no reason. For example if a user is driving a car down the street and they hop out of their car and just start firing off bullets and killing users with no reason and just with an intention just to kill it would be considered RDM as he is killing users with no reason but just to kill them. Another example of RDM would be a user going in spawn with a gun and start shooting all users and AFK users in spawn, this would be considered MRDM as he is killing a lot of users in spawn with no reason.
2.2: Define NLR and provide two examples:
NRL means New Life Rule. NLR is when a user gets killed and goes back to the exact same location within 5 mins. One example of this would be Bob is a cop protecting the PD and gets killed, he goes back to the PD right after he gets killed and goes and assists other PD in the same area he dies, this would be considered as NLR as he went back to the location of his death with in the the timespan of 5 mins or less. Another example of NLR is a user is walking on the street and he gets kidnaped then killed in a base and 3 minutes later he gets back to the place and starts raiding them, it would be considered breaking NLR as it is within the 5 mins that they should have waited.
2.3: Define FearRP and provide two examples:
FearRP is when a user has to act like the game is their life when they are being mugged or kidnaped. One example of this is John is walking down the street and then gets mugged for $5,000, and he says no and walks away, as this would not happen in real life and he is not fearing for his life it would be considered a violation of FearRP. A second example of what FearRP is: Bob is getting kidnaped and is at the KFC being held for ransom, he then tries to run away even though guns are pointed at his head and the kidnappers are telling him to stop. Both of these examples are a case where the user is falling to value their life.
2.4: What is homophobia and provide two examples:
omophobia is when someone hates/dislikes gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans (The LGBTQ+ Community) people. For example there is a user running around spamming in chat “ALL GAYS SHAL DIE” or a user is targeting one user and when asked why they were targeting them they say because they are gay.
2.5 What is racism and provide two examples:
Racism is discrimination or prejudice to a user because of what religion, skin color, how they look. Some examples are: Saying the N-Word, RDMing black skins in game and when they are asked for a reason they say because they are black.
Please answer the following questions as if you were a Trial-Mod:

2.6: William has adverted carjack and stolen an NHS members vehicle. Joe reports him for failing to advert carjack. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
I would first go to William (while cloaked) and see him being in the stolen NHS vehicle. So then I would bring them and ask William why did he stole the NHS vehicle, after he tells me his side of the story I would tell him stealing NHS vehicles isn't allowed, I would then check the warnings of William and inform him of the rule, then decide punishment, then I would return both of them after punishing William.

2.7: Joe has reported William for shooting at him for no reason. William states that he was not shooting for no reason, he adverted PD raid. William has killed 6 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

I would first bring both of them and ask what happened and get both sides of the story, then I would check chat logs to see that he averted PD raid. Since he did advert PD raid I would ask if Joe was killed far away from the PD as if he was killed far away from the PD while not having him pulled over it would be RDM. If he was killed at the PD I would return both of them.

2.8: Joe (Drug dealer) has built a base on the sidewalk. William raids Joes base with no advert. Joe kills William. William gets a new gun and drives straight back and kills Joe and sells all his drugs. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

I would first bring both of them ask what happened and get both sides of the story, than I would check chat logs to see if he did advert, since he didn't advert I would check his previous warns and determine a punishment from that (Ex: No previous warns would be a warn for failure to advert.) Then I would check to see if they have proof of William breaking NLR, if there is proof of him breaking NLR I would check his warnings and then decide a punishment from there.

2.9: William as a Commander in the Police is hosting a meeting he adverts “Pd meeting | Starting 5m | Important topics | No major crimes” Joe as a Jihad adverts bombing and ends up killing 10 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
I would first bring both users and ask what happened. After they both tell me exactly what happened I would check chat logs to see if William adverted that there was a PD Meeting and in the message it said “No Major Crimes” as planting a bomb that kills 10 people would be a major crime I would checks Jihad’s warns and decide further punishment as it violates rule A9 (Common Sense).

Section C: Questions

3.1: Why should we choose you over other applicants?

You should choose me over others as I am an active member in the community and play when I can, I have a lot of experience with staffing on servers, I am professional, kind, respectful, and I am an easy learner for stuff I don't know. I also know most of the rules.

3.2: If you were in a situation you did not know how to handle what would you do?
If I were in a situation that I didn’t know how to handle I would ask another member of the staff team who might know how to handle it and get their opinion.
3.3: Do you have previous experience staffing servers?
3.4: List three strengths that you have that will help you staff:
I know the rules, I have experience, and I am an active member of the community.
3.5: List three weaknesses that may affect you when you’re staff:
3.6: Why do you want to be a staff member?
I should get this position because I know I I should be accepted into the Staff team because I know that I can be very helpful to the community by lowering the time it takes for people to take tickets. I have been on the server for a good time now, and I feel that I should give back to the community more and help others have the same experience as I had when I joined the server. I know that I can bring more people to the server and bring more people with experience in role play and Staff wise. I would like to keep it safe and clean for everyone. I eventually would like to become a Senior, as I would like to make the community a more RP and fun place, and I am willing and ready to attempt my way at the staff team to further my goals for the server. Furthermore, I know that I can be an important member of the Staff team and bring a new edge to the community you should accept me over the other people because I want to be staff as I feel as if when I am online there are no staff online to stop the rule breakers and minges, I also fell that I would be a asset and I have lots of experience in staffing positions. I have been in many servers as a high up staff admin and I have the confidence to deal with the newer players of the server, I feel as if I can be a good person and addition, I know that people can enjoy themselves more when playing on the server and rather than having to wait a long time before they have any sort of entertainment. I also want to help with tickets, as I see in many cases where there are too many tickets for staff, and thus it made me motivated to become part of the staff team so that not only do I help people out who require assistance, but I also allow tickets to go faster and faster. I will strive to be on when I can so that I can help the future players. Overall my goal is to help the community grow, be bigger, strive and allow everyone to enjoy their time in this great community.I think I would be a great person to add as I am active and I like to think that i am . I am relatively friendly and give assistance to people when they need it. I want to be apart of this community and I have the ability to be on whenever therefore allowing for there to be staff on basically around the clock. I have strengths like Independence I have good teamwork and leadership. I wish to ensure a fair enforcement of rules, help others in the community, and help growth of the server, I want to become part of the staff team, due to the fact that I want to give back to the community because there are so many people on this server that have helped to make it better and more enjoyable for those who play it. I have loved playing inside of this community and it was mostly thanks to the people in the staff team who answered my questions, helped me. I want to take the opportunity I have in order to do the same through either simply whitelists.There are several reasons behind why I want to join the staff team, for one I think I would make a great addition to the team. I would be primarily interested in being a staff on the server, but I am very flexible and can do really whatever needs to be done. I would also like to contribute to the staff team by helping lower ticket times. I also want to join the staff team, because I’ve been in scenarios where other staff members have motivated me into joining and I have a great interest in helping out the community. I also want to help new players find where they have to go branch-wise and help teach them the rules of the server so that this community stays fair and fun. I am hoping to become the Head Admin soon because I think it is very important that new players are welcomed into and taught about the server. New players are very important to keep a server up and running.
There are multiple reasons behind why I should be accepted because I am very calm in tense situations.

3.7: Do you have any disabilities (or other issues) that may impact your ability as staff?

Have you received any help when creating this application?Yes
Do you consent to further fact-checking and background checking?Yes


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Feb 14, 2022
Neutral reason being I haven’t seen you that much really but ur staff app looks beefy
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