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Closed D549 staff appeal

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Active member
Oct 27, 2019
Name: D549
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79319342
Date & Time Of Incident: 13/10/2019

Member Of Staff Name: D549
Rank Of Staff Member: Trial Mod

Explanation: I was grounded for about 2-3 weeks and had no form of contacting anyone on discord, and I was so worried about stuff like this happening and it wasn't until about 4 days until the end of me being grounded when I was removed from staff. Sorry for my inactivity, but it shouldn't happen again for a long time. I passed my application and my initial trial and my end role was trial staff. I got lots of positive feedback from my previous application and therefore I don't see the point in applying again (not in an arrogant way if you see what I mean).

Evidence: https://u.stuartd.co.uk/images/ZDk0Y2EyMmFlZjM.png
Witnesses: Application-Doofy | Initial Trial-Turtle | Removal-Maroni
Not open for further replies.
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