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Accepted Discord Unban

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Oct 17, 2023
Name: Previously known as "Ape". My current discord name is "26milesonfoot"
Discord-ID: 422654061616300033
Ban reason: Not to sure. Perhaps a mis-understanding so racism?
Ban date: 10/04/24
Why should we unban you?: I had just told gatekeeper my ingame name for another game called PixelGun3D. My name in this game is without a doubt slightly racist however due to it being racist i took the liberty of using discord's starring feature * like so. To mitigate any onlookers being offended by me telling another player my name. Apparently even censoring my own name wasn't enough as I returned many days later to find I was banned. Please understand I am a good man and this was a mis-understanding.
Not open for further replies.
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