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  • Do not comment or reply to ban/warn appeals, staff reports or player reports when you are not directly involved in the situation.

Denied Dripzz staff app

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Feb 14, 2022
1.1: What is your in-game name? Dripzz
1.2 How old are you? 14
1.3 Do you have a working microphone? yes
1.4 How long have you been playing Riverside? since mid 2021
1.5 Are you fluent in English? yes
1.6 What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:608816801
1.7 References (if any)? jon ganja

Section B: Definitions and critical thinking:

2.1: Define RDM and provide two examples: RDM also known as Random Death Match is where when you randomly kill someone for no rp valid reason

E.G 1: P1 decided to look at P2 and just kill for no rp valid reason

E.G 2: P2 is now angry P1 and decides to kill P1 back also classed as "revenge RDM"

2.2: Define NLR and provide two examples: "NLR" also known as New Life Rule is where if you die in a certain place and a certain situation you are not allowed to return to the area within 5 minutes and are not allowed to intervine with the situation

E.G 1: you died at a BP raid and you decided to not get involved but to heal and give comms and return to the situation

E.G 2: you died at a BP raid and you decided to get involved by having a refresh of your Armour and health of re spawning and get a gun and basically killing the people that adverted the BP raid and avoiding new life rule

2.3: Define FearRP and provide two examples: FearRP is when you have over 1 guy aiming a fire arm at some1 causing them to be afraid for there life in a rp situation

E.G 1: P1 and P2 are both aiming an AK at P3. P3 then now have to surrender and listen to all of P1 and P2s demands

E.G 2: P1 and P2 are both aiming an AK at P3. P3 is refusing to surrender and takes out a gun and starts shooting at P1 and P2 avoiding the RP situation

2.4: What is homophobia and provide two examples: homophobia is when you dislike or prejudice against gay people

E.G 1: P1 decides to RDM P2 for the reason being "hes gay"

E.G 2: P1 decides to target and spam kill him in any possible rp reason is because hes homosexual

2.5 What is racism and provide two examples: racism is when you hate someone or mistreat someone based on their skin color

E.G 1: P1 decided to RDM P2 P2 made a sit and the reason he said was cause "hes a different skin color to me"

E.G 2: P1 decided to target P2 and P2 asked P1 why? and P1 decided to say its because your black

Please answer the following questions as if you were a Trial-Mod:

2.6: William has adverted carjack and stolen an NHS members vehicle. Joe reports him for failing to advert carjack. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

first i will go to a roof where people wont be able to disrupt the sit and then i would teleport joe to me hear his side then teleport William to me and hear his side then i would tell William what he did which is crimes against NHS and if hes an experienced rper i would warn him for crimes against the NHS if hes and experienced rper i would jail him and make him read !Motd

2.7: Joe has reported William for shooting at him for no reason. William states that he was not shooting for no reason, he adverted PD raid. William has killed 6 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

first i would ask william if the 6 people he killed including joe was in the pd building during the pd raid i would just let joe know that there was an ongoing pd raid if he wasnt in pd and neither was the other 6 people during the pd raid i would ban william for Mass RDM and ban him from 4-5 weeks

2.8: Joe (Drug dealer) has built a base on the sidewalk. William raids Joes base with no advert. Joe kills William. William gets a new gun and drives straight back and kills Joe and sells all his drugs. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

first i would take both of them on a roof in a sit then i would tell what joe done wrong which is buidling a base on a public area and not a place that he owns then i would tell what william done wrong which is FTA NLR and revenge RDM and i would warn william for FTA NLR and revenge rdm and i would warn joe for building a base in a place that he doesnt own and RDM if he didnt shoot william first

2.9: William as a Commander in the Police is hosting a meeting he adverts “Pd meeting | Starting 5m | Important topics | No major crimes” Joe as a Jihad adverts bombing and ends up killing 10 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

i would simply ban joe for MRDM because hes not allowed to distrupt a PD meeting

Section C: Questions

3.1: Why should we choose you over other applicants? because i have past experiences in being staff on this server which i would know what to do by beginning as soon as im on the staff team and im very active

3.2: If you were in a situation you did not know how to handle what would you do? i would ask help from a higher up staff member

3.3: Do you have previous experience staffing servers? well this server

3.4: List three strengths that you have that will help you staff: im active, have a decent reputation on the server and i can be on the server for + 5 hours a day if i really want to

3.5: List three weaknesses that may affect you when you’re staff: i constantly burn my self out but i can carry on doing what i need to do thats really it

3.6: Why do you want to be a staff member? i wanna help out on the riverside community and try bring population back to riverside

Have you received any help when creating this application? no
Do you consent to further fact-checking and background checking? sure


Staff Member
Feb 18, 2021
+1 To be honest, Dripzz is a very honest kind and funny person, he knows when he needs to be serious / Professional, Dripzz is also a very active member of the community, I believe Dripzz would be a great edition to the staff team.


Staff Member
Jul 14, 2022
Experienced , Nice guy , Would make a great addition on the staff team
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