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Denied Jon Player Report

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Jan 12, 2022
Member: Jon
Member's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:204519116
Date of Incident: 12/01/2022
Information about the incident. Please include as much detail as possible:
Jon has accused me of faking being in the Royal Naval Reserves and is constantly targeting me for things. He demoted me for no reason (Already taken up with PSD but is linked in to the other thing) and now has accused me of stolen valour. I have shown Harry and Matos my military ID Card and they have and can both confirm I am currently serving. He has said that I lied about being in three different branches. During the PSD report I only said that I was in the Royal Naval Reserves. Jon since then has decided to make up that I am lying and is trying to get people to believe him. I asked him about it in DM's and he then claimed I said I was in the Royal Marines, the Navy and the Reserves. Once I told him that I was RNR (Royal Naval Reserve) he used the term "Weekend warrior". I would never commit Stolen Valour ever in my life as it is extremely disrespectful and I come from a military family where a lot of us have served or are currently serving.
(If any Admins would like to see my ID Card to confirm I am serving PM me on Discord and I will send you a photo next to my discord profile)
Evidence on the incident:
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Staff Member
May 4, 2021
Hello Mate,

This is not required to file a report for, as technically Jon has not broke any server rules and that’s just private dms.

Please be rest assured, Jon will be spoken about trying to cause drama but no action shall be taken, If the situation continues then block him via discord.

Not open for further replies.
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