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Denied Metagaming Warn Appeal

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Jan 5, 2022
Name: TSB Trusted Member of Society
SteamID64: STEAM_0:1:182544215
Date of Warning Issue: 08/01/2022 (19:01)
Member of Staff: Lucky Ducky / Matos
Warning Reason (screenshot): https://prnt.sc/26bhqa4
Why should we remove the warning: It wasn't Metagame or NLR or FailRP.
Was raiding in Suburbs, got countered, died. My car was jacked from suburbs, Carjack was was adverted by Bugzy at 18:30 according to Matos checking logs at 19:12 08/01/2022.

I respawn at hospital and see the car driving away. I think nothing of it. 12 minutes go by and I call staff over, Matos responds. He tells me that it's been 12 minutes since I've raided my last base. I end up running down to the PD and sit there for about 2 minutes while finishing off a video. At this point Bugzy and Squidward begin circling me to potentially encourage me to counter, I don't care about it. After doing circles around me outside PD they decide to stop outside PD. They step out of the vehicle and move away.

At this point I decide to destroy my vehicle, having seen it being owned by myself and being able to use keys on it. It doesn't destroy the vehicle and I instantly get fired at by Squidward or Bugzy. Me damaging my vehicle and damaging squidward happened within a minute of each other. Squidward was damaged at 06:44 according to Matos checking logs at 19:12 08/01/2022.

I end up killing Squidward but Bugzy kills me. After that situation I sit in spawn while finishing off the render on the video, I come back a few minutes later to find myself in a cage. I was reported for FailRP, NLR & Metagaming by Bugzy and Squidward.

I explain the situation to Matos and he says that I can't remember that it's my vehicle that I shot at, so I wasn't allowed to interact with it. I am subsequently warned for metagaming.

Here's the issue:

B1NLRNLR or New Life Rule implies that you should not interact with anything from your previous life for up to 5 minutes after your death. You may not get involved in the situation you died in.
Logs prove that it had been 14 minutes since I interacted with them in my previous life, and longer since I interacted with my vehicle. This means that more than 5 minutes had passed and I should have been permitted to interact with my vehicle from my previous life. I did not involve myself in the situation I died in as that was a raid in the suburbs.

However, I got warned for metagaming.
B8MetagamingMetagaming implies that you may not use any out of character obtained information to your advantage.
The information gathered was done in character outside of the NLR timer in-game. The information was that I was able lock/unlock my vehicle, I had keys to my vehicle. I had figured this out when they were driving around me. This meant that it was my vehicle and since it was outside the NLR timer I was free to interact with it.


Staff Member
Feb 18, 2021
You said it you knew it was your car because you could see your name on it and you were also killed meaning you would have forgotten all information that the car was yours.


Staff Member
Feb 18, 2021
Denied, you still interacted with your previous life even if it is after 5mins therefore the warning will stand; whether the warning would be for NLR / RDM doesn't really matter as it is a bit of both.
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