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Guide Overcoming Burnout

Liam Townsley

PoliceRP Staff
Jailbreak Staff
Dec 27, 2019
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When doing anything, you will eventually get what is called burnout, this can be from something as fun as a game or something as boring as working. However, at some point or another, you will have been or will be burned out.


How to tell if you are burned out.
This is a small list of some telltale signs that you are burned out or are on the path to being so.

  • You no longer enjoy doing what you used to like, (ex. going Staff on Duty, going as PD) and it feels like you are having to force your self to do it.
  • Your work is something you do not want to do or is something soul-crushingly boring.
  • You start to get emotionally exhausted.
  • Your performance starts to reduce, tasks that would take you a certain amount of time are taking you twice as long as they usually would.
These are just a few symptoms that you are starting to or are already burned out.


How to Recover from Burnout
The fact that you are reading this thread shows you are wanting to either educate yourself on it for the future, or you are currently going through it. Either way, you are on the right track.

I am using a variety of different sources, people and personal methods I have used. If you have any you would like added, be sure to message me them, or just message below.

Take a long break
This is a method is the one I use the most, it is not the most effective, time-wise but it allows you to free your mind from the tasks and give you time to relax, not have to worry about what you need to code, program or create.

You can also use this time to catch up on schoolwork or start a new hobby like hiking, painting or something else you may find relaxing.

I've burnt out a few times over the last 10 years and am currently recovering from burnout. For me I usually need extended time off (4+ months) before I feel like touching a computer again. That is when I know I am recovering. When I feel ok putting up with corporate again, I am usually recovered.

But what causes burnout? For me it is working long hours only to see your work not used or doing a death march only to be thrown into another one. It doesnt help that employers in america are stingy with time off. I think that also contributes.

People will say "oh you should be able to spot these types of companies in interviews". Not always. I have had enough jobs that were great the first year but then the boss got ambitious and decided to make a name for him/her self. This has happened to me at corporations and non profit.

The other problem is we let them run us into the ground(at least I did) because I didnt want to miss the arbitrary bullshit deadline. Nowadays I refuse to put in the extra hours anymore. Work horses are beaten for very little gain to the horse, usually in the form of broken promises by management.

Keep a good balance
This is possible, but it does take work sometimes, this is especially a thing that new staff should try to do, having the most hours isn't always the best. You could burn out and then have a short-lived time as staff, or you could strike a good balance and rise through the ranks, join the support team and be the best you can be.

This is the same for people roleplaying if you get high enough expectations for your activity go up, and you will need to have a balance between relaxing, playing other games, speaking in discord, and a whole load of other things; not adding on school.

Here is a small list of ways to improve your work-life balance.
Even though you're not actually "working" per se, these tips will help you.
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