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Denied PCSO Suggestion

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Nov 1, 2019

Name of suggestion: PCSO Buddy up system
Link (gmodstore, steamworkshop etc):
Why do you think this should be added?:
I believe that PCSO's should be not allowed vehicles (Reason will be stated shortly) and should be told to Patrol with other Officers (PC+), the main reason for this is that it allows them to see how the experienced officers work and this allows the experienced officers help the PCSO's, which we all know would help out because recently the quality levels of the most recent PCSO's have not been great, some of them don't know how to communicate properly through the radio etc. Will this suck for PCSO's possibly, however this will 100% increase the quality of the Police Department - some may see them as nooby/mingey PCSO's but at the end of the day, in a couple months time on of them PCSO's may be the higher up your taking orders from, which is why we should really care about the quality of the PCSO's coming through.
Another huge benefit of this is that less cars on the road = less lag
Less in-experienced PCSO's on the road = trafic becomes more fluid

If a PCSO does not have a ride a long partner, they will then be on foot patrol, which is last case scenario, they should always be with an experienced officer.

Finally, this will also increase the value of becoming a Police Constable and these PCSO's will then value the ability of having a vehicle.

- Andy Roberston

Homer Simpson

Oct 20, 2019
This would probably decrease the amount of kidnaps on a pcso aswell, i only see pcso's patrolling with each other most of the time

Bobby The Buildery

Discord Manager
Oct 20, 2019
This is more of a department suggestion you'd need to talk to the commissioner about
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