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Denied Perma Unban appeal

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The Ghost

Dec 2, 2019
Name: The Ghost
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:182190247
Date/Length of ban: Permanent
Who banned you?: afk bot btw

Why were you banned?: Threating to hack the server.
Why do you think you should get unbanned?: So i am sorry for what i said and what i did and i have been chenged on this months. I have been banned for a while and i am sorry i got angry when you was going to ban me so i said that i was going to hack the server and i also direct messaged the guy who made the report that i was going to kill him and i am sorry for the people that was involved. This server is a good rp server on gmod and again i am sorry.
Any evidence?: N/A


Discord & Forums Assistant
Oct 21, 2019
Unfortunately You Will Not Be Unbanned Due The Fact You Threatened The Server We Cannot Take Risks Many Thanks Parks Feel Free To Message Me On Discord parks#0168. DENIED
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