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RealSkengman's PM Application


Aug 14, 2021
1.1: What is your in-game name?
RealSkengman (5852)
1.2: How old are you?
1.3: Do you have a working microphone?
1.4: How long have you been playing Riverside?
Since Early 2021
1.5: Are you fluent in English?
1.6: What is your SteamID?
1.7: In-game warnings? (Provide screenshot)
(SS still won't work for me but I can provide my warns and who they're from)
FTA - Kev
RDM - Kyousuke
FRP - Dale
FRP - Paul K on Duty
(These are Outdated and it's kinda long to list)
1.7: References (if any)?

Section B: Skills and Experiences

2.1: What skills do you possess that could be useful?
I have good leadership qualities which include, Exceptional Communication, self-awareness, Integrity and the ability to delegate.
2.2: What past experiences do you have that could be useful? I currently don't have any past experiences but my current experiences I believe can help are the following; GP in NHS, CMDR in PD, SUPT IN SCO-19, CSUPT IN NCA. These positions may not be considered "great" but they do entail similar responsibilities as the DPM would, just on a larger scale and with more duties to carry out of course.
2.3: Why do you want to be our next (Deputy) Prime Minister? I would like to become the next PM because currently I am enjoying the DPM Position however I would find the PM position much better suited to me as over these few months I have gained lots of knowledge in this area and I find this role quite Interesting and I'm willing to learn new things as always whenever I get the chance. I will also make sure that it is my absolute number one concern that the general public are satisfied with their needs and making sure Law Enforcement and EMS are performing their duties exceptionally, not only that but I myself will personally go around to each sector and perform Inspections to make sure everyone Is meeting my standards, following on from that I'll be executing new laws that are unbiased for the Citizens of this Nation.

God Save the King!
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