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Accepted Remove the ability to build on roads, or atleast limit it.

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Dec 29, 2019
Name of suggestion: Remove the ability to build on roads, or atleast limit it.
Link (gmodstore, steamworkshop etc): N/A
Why do you think this should be added?:
Firstly, I believe this should be added as it can:
  • Ruin RP
  • Drops FPS
  • Causes a large inconvenience to players
  • Allows people to minge and not be punished.
Below I have attached some files of some "roadworks" that were present on the server today. This is not RP friendly and never will be in my opinion. You would never see that in real life and it is (by the rules) completely fine! I have also a video of me driving around it, and you can tell how bad it is. There are speedbumps everywhere, although they are more reminiscent of ramps, because it's "funny" to see people's cars fly around.

All in all, I believe if we just calm the roadworks down a bit and make them more realistic, e.g, closing off a lane of a road for a short stretch or maybe putting a width restriction or something down. You could even scrap it all together which I wouldn't really want to see happen as some people actually do take this seriously. Thank you for reading my suggestion. Have a nice day/evening/night.+




Well-known member
Oct 20, 2019
I do actually agree on this. Not specifically just the FPS, but just how mingy some people with the road builds can be. I know you can call admin however its pretty annoying to continuously do so. Today i had about 2/3 people who where building on the street with big fences and other weird buildings who wherent even RP friendly. I also dont see the point of this anyways, since it are just random props on the street who dont help the traffic but more ruin it, as you may have seen in the video Mr. Pepper provided. +1 from me.


Business Manager
Senior Management Team
Oct 13, 2019
Accepted - this is TOO far.
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