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Riverside Democratic Labour Party - Manifesto Feb 2020

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Oct 20, 2019
Hello, my name is MoDesigns.

This is the Riverside Democratic Labourers Party, and these are our members, in order of priority:

- LewisDaBoss (Chairman):
- MoDesigns
- Jon Burton
- Robert J
- Vzyloz
- Matos
- Charlez
- Bot Btw
- Outstanding
- Lewis

We are the Riverside Democratic Labourers Party and our arch nemesis is Riverside First, we hope you vote for us, for a better future in Riverside, and for us to deal with all situations fairly and considerately, with our chosen members of our Party, we believe that we will succeed.

Vote for us, Vote for a better future.

I would highly recommend you to read this to understand our motives better:

unknown (4).png

Join our discord server for constant updates:

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