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Denied Robert Stores' Staff Application

Not open for further replies.

Rob Stores

Jul 18, 2022
Section A: Applicants background

1.1: What is your in-game name? Robert Stores
1.2 How old are you? 16
1.3 Do you have a working microphone? Yes
1.4 How long have you been playing Riverside? About a month
1.5 Are you fluent in English? Yes
1.6 What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:175528944
1.7 References (if any)? None

Section B: Definitions and critical thinking:

2.1: Define RDM and provide two examples:

RDM stands for 'Random Death Match' and is defined by a person killing another for no roleplay reason. This includes, but is not limited to: revenge killing in another life, shooting someone you don't like and shooting officers for being police.

Example 1:
Dylan shoots Ryan in the middle of the street, because they're friends and Dylan thought it would be funny. Ryan reports Dylan for RDM. In this case Ryan is in the right, and Dylan should have their warnings checked, and then further action taken depending on their warnings.

Example 2:
Ryan walks into PD, through an open door, and shoots an officer. Ryan then adverts "PD Raid". In this case, Ryan was in the wrong as they failed to advert. In this situation I would find how many people were killed before the advert, to ensure it wasn't Mass-RDM. I would then check Ryan's warnings, and take further action depending on that. Once the sit was over, if Ryan needed returning I would send them to spawn, so as not to put them in the middle of PD.

2.2: Define NLR and provide two examples:

NLR stands for "New Life Rule" and is when a person returns to a place within 5 minutes of dying there, or returns to the same situation after dying.

Example 1:
Dylan raids Ryan's home, and kills them. 2 minutes later, Ryan DMs Dylan to ask if the raid is over. Dylan replies yes, so Ryan returns. This is NLR, even though Ryan asked if the raid was over, because Ryan returned before 5 minutes had passed. In this case I would check Ryan's warnings and take further action from there, depending on the warnings they have.

Example 2:
Dylan is a police officer, and is killed during a PD raid. They wait 5 minutes to return, and then starts attacking the raider again. This is a breach of NLR because Dylan returned to the same situation twice. In this case I would check Dylan's warnings, and take further action from there depending on any warnings. If Dylan killed anyone I would respawn them and bring them back to where they were.

2.3: Define FearRP and provide two examples:

FearRP is when a person acts differently to how they would in real life when under threat.

Example 1:
Ryan and Dylan are mugging Jackie, and they both have guns pointed at Jackie. Jackie then pulls out a knife and gets shot. In this case, Jackie broke FearRP by attacking when the chance of death was almost 100%.

Example 2:
The door to PD was opened to let a lawyer in, and Ryan on a custom job ran in. Since multiple SCO were in the room, they got their guns out and pointed them at Ryan. PD got a tazer out and attempted to taze Ryan. However, they missed. Realising that they were about to be arrested, Ryan pulled out a gun and killed an officer, before being shot. This would be FearRP, because Ryan had multiple guns pointed at them, and still pulled out a gun.

2.4: What is homophobia and provide two examples:

Homophobia is discrimination against a person based solely upon their sexuality. However, the term is often used to describe discrimination against the LGBT community in general.

Example 1:
Ryan kills Dylan in an RP situation. Dylan then goes into OOC and types "Ryan you're actually a fa**ot". This would be homophobia because the word in question is a slur used against the LGBT community.

Example 2:
Ryan is a gun dealer and Dylan is trying to buy a gun. In general conversation, while Ryan is trying to ensure Dylan isn't an undercover agent, Dylan mentions they are gay. Ryan then refuses service for the reason that Dylan is gay.

2.5 What is racism and provide two examples

Racism is discrimination against a person based solely on their race. It is most often used against black people and Asian people, but can be used against white people as well.

Example 1:
A new player joins the server, and instantly begins spamming "Ni**er" in OOC. They should be given a warning and told they will be banned if they continue.

Example 2:
Ryan has been newly promoted to a PCSO, and has the black player model. Dylan sees this and starts spawn-killing Ryan, because they are black. In this case Dylan is being racist and breaking RDM.

Please answer the following questions as if you were a Trial-Mod:

2.6: William has adverted carjack and stolen an NHS members vehicle. Joe reports him for failing to advert carjack. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
I would first check the logs, to see if there was a carjack advert by William. Since there is, I would inform Joe that William did advert it. I would then tell William that crimes against the NHS are forbidden, unless they're in a raid or similar. I would check William's warnings. If they had a warn for this already, I would give them a second warnings for "Repeated crimes against the NHS", and if they didn't I would give them a standard warning for "Crimes against the NHS".

2.7: Joe has reported William for shooting at him for no reason. William states that he was not shooting for no reason, he adverted PD raid. William has killed 6 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
I will first check the logs, to ensure William adverted PD raid. If they did, I would ensure that everyone died in the PD, or shooting at William. In this case I would tell Joe that William did advert, and return them both. If William didn't advert, or wasn't in PD at any point I would warn them for MRDM and ban them for a day, and ensure all other staff knew to keep an eye on William.

2.8: Joe (Drug dealer) has built a base on the sidewalk. William raids Joes base with no advert. Joe kills William. William gets a new gun and drives straight back and kills Joe and sells all his drugs. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
Firstly I would give Joe a verbal warning for building on the pavement as a non-hobo. I would then check logs and ensure that William didn't advert. Because they didn't I would check their warnings and give them a verbal warning if they were new to the server. If they should know to advert raid (i.e. someone who has played on the server for a while or has raided in the past with an advert) I would warn them for "Failure to advert raid". If they had a warning for it already I would give them a warning for "Repeated failure to advert raid", and ensure other staff knew to keep an eye on them. I would then warn Willliam for NLR and Metagaming, and force them to drop the money they got from selling the drugs. Because Joe make their base in the wrong place, I would put the money somewhere inaccessible and leave it to despawn, or remove it if I have the power.

2.9: William as a Commander in the Police is hosting a meeting he adverts “Pd meeting | Starting 5m | Important topics | No major crimes” Joe as a Jihad adverts bombing and ends up killing 10 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
I would first ensure the PD Meeting advert was the first advert for it, and that it came before the bombing advert. I would then check the times between the adverts. If the time between them was 10 seconds or less, or if the bombing advert came before the first meeting advert I would explain the situation to them both and then close the case. If there was reasonable time between the adverts and the bombing came after the first meeting advert I would warn Joe for MRDM, and ban them for a day. I would then tell other staff to keep an eye on William.

Section C: Questions

3.1: Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I believe I can stay calm in situations with lots of things going on, and I am good at remembering the order of events. I also don't have any warnings, besides a verbal warning I had on my first day on the server.

3.2: If you were in a situation you did not know how to handle what would you do?

I would ask a more experienced staff member to assist me, and if there weren't any available online or on Discord I would ensure that any reasonable punishments were given and then let other staff know what happened. I would make sure I don't give out any punishments I wasn't certain on.

3.3: Do you have previous experience staffing servers?

I don't on Garry's Mod, however I founded and moderate a Discord server with about 425 members. This has given me experience in moderating in general, and I have self-set limits for certain situations.

3.4: List three strengths that you have that will help you staff:

I am organised, and always have a pen and notebook near me, so I can write down details should I need to.
I have a good memory, and feel that people shouldn't have to repeat things for me.
I like to inform myself of the general limits I need to set when dealing with any situations. If I can't find anything, I would use common sense, or ask a higher-up staff member about it.

3.5: List three weaknesses that may affect you when you’re staff:

I often get tunnel vision on a certain task, and won't stop until I complete it.
I tend to struggle when people are lying, since it's often hard to discern fact from fiction if there isn't solid evidence.
I often have waves of motivation when it comes to things like these, where I play it nonstop for a few days, and then don't want to at all for a few days.

3.6: Why do you want to be a staff member?

I find there is nearly always chaos when staff aren't online, and I'd like to be able to help the community by filling in some of those gaps. I would also like to enhance the role-play experience for others, even if it comes at the cost of my own. In my opinion, it is better to rehabilitate than to punish, although I know when someone has crossed the line, and punishment becomes a part of the rehabilitation. Finally, I would like to better myself, by exposing myself to more of the quirks of the community, and trying to understand them and adjust myself to be accepting of them all.

3.7: Do you have any disabilities (or other issues) that may impact your ability as staff? No

Have you received any help when creating this application? None
Do you consent to further fact-checking and background checking? Yes, just let me know if you want a screenshot of my warnings or anything ^-^


Staff Member
Aug 5, 2022
+ 1
Good app, well written.
Fit for staff.


Jul 15, 2022
Very kind and nice guy, have had good interactions with him overall, is a very fair person. Capable to become staff.


Jul 17, 2022
+1 very good member active and stays professional when on job! great fit for a staff member.


Staff Manager
Staff Manager
Staff Member
Feb 18, 2021
Denied, I do not think you are yet ready to become staff.
Not open for further replies.
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