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Official Staff Application Template

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Riverside Roleplay

Official Account
Mar 20, 2020
Staff Member Requirements:

- No bans within the last four weeks.
- No active reports on you
- Must have been 2 weeks since last warning and less than 10 warnings.
- Must have played Riverside for at least two weeks.
- Cannot staff another server (conflict of interest)
- Access to Discord
- A working microphone
- Clear understanding of the rules

Other rules:
- Do not copy your application from a previously written one.
- Do not mention other communities by name.

Do not advertise your application in any way. This includes sending the application to members of the community and/or staff and sending links in the server chat.

Section A: Applicants background
1.1: What is your in-game name?
1.2 How old are you?
1.3 Do you have a working microphone?
1.4 How long have you been playing Riverside?
1.5 Please post a screenshot of !warns :
1.6 Have you been banned within the last 2 months if so for what?
1.7 Are you fluent in English?
1.8 Where are you located?
1.9 What is your SteamID? (STEAM_0:0:0000)

Section B: Definitions and critical thinking:
2.1: Define RDM and provide two examples:
2.2: Define NLR and provide two examples:
2.3: Define FearRP and provide two examples:
2.4: What is homophobia and provide two examples:
2.5 What is racism and provide two examples:

Please answer the following questions as if you were a Trial-Mod:
2.6: William has stolen a PaDP members van and has adverted carjack. Joe reports him for failing to advert carjack. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
2.7: Joe has reported William for shooting at him for no reason. William states that he was not shooting for no reason, he adverted PD raid. William has killed 6 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
2.8: Joe (Drug dealer) has built a base on the sidewalk. William raids Joes base with no advert. Joe kills William. William gets a new gun and drives straight back and kills Joe and sells all his drugs. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?
2.9: William as a Commander in the Police is hosting a meeting he adverts “Pd meeting | Starting 5m | Important topics | No major crimes” Joe as a Jihad adverts bombing and ends up killing 10 people. What steps will you take to resolve this sit?

Section C: Questions
3.1: Why should we choose you over other applicants?
3.2: If you were in a situation you did not know how to handle what would you do?
3.3: Do you have previous experience staffing servers?
3.4: List three strengths that you have that will help you staff:
3.5: List three weaknesses that may affect you when you’re staff:
3.6: Why do you want to be a staff member?

Have you received any help when creating this application?
Do you consent to further fact checking and background checking?
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