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Closed Staff Report >> Ban Appeal.

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Oct 20, 2019
Name: Daddy
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:460098948 (i think)
Date & Time Of Incident: 25/3/20

Staff Member's Name: Rob
Staff Member's Rank: Superadmin

Explanation: He claimed my name was too inappropriate (previously BigDaddy4Incher). Ive played on this server for 200 hours and not 1 admin (or anyone else at all) has ever had a problem with my name. In fact the only comments Ive ever had about my name was that it was funny and a good name. He then told me to change my name from the 'too sexual' BigDaddy4Incher to 'Daddy'. Still a sexual name.

The name BigDaddy4Incher wasnt actually in reference to anything sexual.
Big - (I exercise daily and people have said I look like I take 'roids)
Daddy - I grew up without a dad. He left when I was 7 for personal reasons (no that is not a joke)
4 incher - Whenever I get subway I always break off 2 inches from my 6 inch to give to my mates as too much subway always makes me feel sick.

My name being 'BigDaddy4Incher' was meant to sound sexual but Ive explained to multiple people what the actual meaning is. Its obvious that Rob setting my name to just 'Daddy' is sexual, however. I would show screenshots of me explaining the meaning behind my name in PD discord, but for some reason Im kicked from that.

Not bothered about getting Robs superadmin removed cos thatll never happen. But punish him in some way please, saying my names too sexual then making it sexual is fairly hypocritical and idk if he is supposed to kick me from PD discord.

Evidence: PD Discord Audit logs showing he changed my name to 'Daddy' (Happened on the 23/3/20 so idk if its still there)


Business Manager
Senior Management Team
Oct 13, 2019
This is not a ban appeal format.

Also, Feel free to message Jabbers on Discord - clearly you have an issue understanding and listening to someone telling you not to use that name & don't like the fact you're being told what to do.

I'm telling you now, people have reported you for having that name and I told you twice to change it. You didn't listen and continued to do this so you will remain banned for the 24 hours.

You continued to use this name in game despite being told not to. End of situation, it must be changed - there is no way you've had 200 hours + playtime as I would had clearly noticed it.
Not open for further replies.
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