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Denied Staff report on Articwolf

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Oct 22, 2019
Name: Plekter
Date & Time Of Incident:16/11/19

Member Of Staff Name:Articwolf
Rank Of Staff Member:MODERATOR

Explanation: He kicked me for "mic spam" when i drove around in a car playing music, in RP it was coming from my car speakers. I tried explaining this but he just kicked me.



PoliceRP Senior-Moderator
Staff Member
Oct 21, 2019
Well it counts as mic spam, and it wasn't just normal music it sounded like "ear rape" or really loud I gave you a verbal and asked you not to do it again and you carry on doing it so I kick you from the server, I gave you a verbal warn beforehand and according to the sheet we have to follow it should be a kick. So from my eyes, I was being generous to you (If it warns like MicSpam/Toolgun spam or anything that's not a big deal. I do tend to give them verbal warn the first time) Also referring to the fact you quote "I tried to explain this but he just kicked me," I did listen to what you said saying it was your radio If you would like to deny the accusation that I didn't give you a verbal, I remember that I brought you out of your vehicle and asked you to stop. Back to the reason for the Warn. If I let you do this. I would have to let everyone do this otherwise, I would be "Bias" towards you and if everyone was able to mic spam and say it's their radio it would make RP'ing a lot more difficult for the people who would join an RP server.
The rule that would support this is
Under the rule A15
Do not spam your microphone nor chat or any other communication device.
Which is the reason I punished you.
Other than this moment, I hope you have a safe and fun time on the Server. -ArticWolf
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Retired Staff Manager
Oct 20, 2019
It wasen't ear rape it was normal music .
Sorry for the long response time my internet has been under maintenance. You should not be playing music even if in a car, it's disruptive and does not go well when trying to role-play. Due to their being no video evidence I can't really gauge how loud it is but overall it's a general no no. The staff member was in the right.
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