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Accepted Third attempt - Ban Appeal from main discord server

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Jun 27, 2020
Name: morgverd
Discord-ID: morgverd#6673
Banning staff member: No clue
Date of ban: Ages
Why your ban should be removed:

Okay so I’ve explained what happened but let me try to explain my side of this. I was paid to write a few LUA scripts to manage some admin features they wanted and to make a discord bot able to manage their discord server for them. At the time I wasn’t big into police RP so I had no idea of riverside and had never played it before.

During my time in the discord server I was making a bot for I was just running a few build tests etc and parks joined the server. I think one of the owners then banned him (I didn’t since I WASNT STAFF. Aka I couldn’t ban). In retaliation I was banned from riverside discord which I was apart of because of parks joining the server I was working for and mentioning their community name. I want to repeat. I WAS NOT STAFF ON THE OTHER SERVER. I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DO MODERATOR THINGS. ALL I HAD WAS RCON AND FILE ACCESS TO MAKE DO MY WORK.

I got paid for the job and promptly left the server. Years later I decide to join some police RP serves and join this one, and I actually like it. I goto join the discord and BOOM I’m banned. Originally I thought it was a bug but then I remembered all this stuff.

I don’t know how you can prosecute me for a rule I didn’t know I broke on a server I didn’t play. You accuse me of “being on a riverside clone” and yet I didn’t actually know what the fuck riverside was.

I was not a moderator, I did not make their server for them, I didnt think of ideas for the server, I did the job I was paid to do and left.

Evidence (if any): Nope
Not open for further replies.
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