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Denied unban appeal vladimir vodkavic

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Oct 29, 2019
Name : Vladimir vodkavic
Steamid : farzohh / smooth criminal
Who banned you? : batman on duty
Why where you banned : I called the guy who rdmed me faggot because he wanted to buy a gun again but I didn’t sell it to him because I sold him earlier and he rdmed me without saying mug or raid

Why do you think you should get unbanned any evidence? : I should get unbanned because I didn’t do anything wrong i just called him faggot because he rdmed me and came back like nothing was wrong and he didn’t advert it so yeah that’s fail rp
and why you guys kicked me out discord when i was talking about it thats rude m8

Deleted member 11

Your ban appeal has been Denied, if you are staff reporting Batman please use the template.
Not open for further replies.
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