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Denied Unban init

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Feb 23, 2021
Name: Steven Rogers
Date of ban issue: 19/06/2024
Member of staff: Benny
Ban reason (screenshot): Can't get scrnshot reason is Continued Disrespect
Why should we unban you?: I was never informed of any ban, I was never warned for disrespect, was never punished for disrespect in over 2 months thats just going back as far as I can remember and I only have an active warn for NLR. In the clip he provided that led to my continued disrespect ban he had a different name so I didn't even recognise who he was. I think I should be unbanned as I believe that the report wasn't investigated properly and I was banned because of a 'reputation' that I may have. I can't target a player if he changed his name, I cracked a joke to some random officers, the other officer got the joke and had to inform the reporter that I was kidding as the reporter doesn't seem to play gmod for the fun of it but instead for the 100% realistic and serious times on this server.
Not open for further replies.
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