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Denied Unwarn App


Oct 20, 2019
Name: PB Silence

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:129600603

Warning Staff Member: Modesigns

Why you should be unwarned : So, We went to kidnap Commissioner Wolfmane, then he Fear RP'd. Then we get to PD and evan shoots the ground, so PD shoot us. I shoot at PD as they shot at me and evan and that resulted in me killing Wolfmane. Fast Forward about 1 minute and I go to the front of PD to see wolfmane killing PB Evan Diamond for whatever reason so I in turn kill wolfmane again as he just shot my friend who I had RP Affiliation with, MoDesigns did not ask for video evidence just took wolfmane's and maroni's word.

Evidence: N/A


Oct 20, 2019
Hello, this was a pretty big sit with Wolf, Maroni,Evan,Silence,Outstanding and Furby. Wolf accused all of these of RDM/ARDM and Copbait. They killed wolfmane for no absolute reason, and if your chasing a cop, that infact, isn’t a valid initiation, whoever shot you guys first should be PSD’ed as thats invalid. They did not deny the accuses of Copbait and said they did kill and shoot wolfmane, which I then looked in blogs to look for factual evidence. In blogs, wolfmane was shot first and no other cop shot them.
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