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Pending Upgrade tree + XP system

BB5K / Barack Obama

Active member
Dec 18, 2019
Name of suggestion: upgrade tree + do system
Link: N/A
Why do you think this will be good?: Okay lemme try explain this idea I had at 4 AM because I thought it'd be cool:
Have an upgrade/progression tree for Padp, PD, SCO, NHS, LM and T. The tree can be individual and also collective for the leader e.g. the Commissioner can get an upgrade for all his cops.
Upgrades can be bought as you level up with XP. Each dept / organisation gets XP in different ways e.g.
LM may get XP for printing money, drugs, money bags and selling guns.
T may get XP through killing people, bombings and selling weapons.
PD may get XP by arresting people in PD jailer, writing tickets, spikestripping or speedgunning.
SCO can get XP by killing armed criminals, arresting people in SCO HQ and destroying illegal goods (printers, lean, moneybags).
PADP can get XP similar to SCO, killing armed criminals, arresting people in PADP jailer and being close to the PM and DPM (protection). Maybe the longer the PM stays alive the better?
NHS (which I literally forgot existed until I finished writing this) gets XP by healing people and reviving people.
Everyone can also get XP by simply playing the job, similar to how you get tokens.
There are 2 types of XP, player xp and department XP. Player XP is the individual's XP which can buy small perks. Some ideas for individual XP upgrades:
One-man Escort: You can drag cuffed people 20% faster (low XP upgrade)
Fitness test: Move 10% faster (medium XP upgrade)
Veteran Experience: Draw weapons 25% faster (high XP upgrade)
I've realised that doing this for every department will literally take me an hour, so some high xp ideas I have are less recoil and draw time for SCO, pro lockpick for LM, more damage against cops + RPG for T (yeah maybe that's over the top), no clue what to do for Padp (sorry guys), and faster revive and heal times for NHS.
Department XP can get stuff like stab proof vests for PD (more resistance to knives), military grade equipment for SCO (bigger arsenal of guns in their armoury, CW has like a million fucking weapons lol), PM/DPM esp (similar to gangs) for PADP, cheaper guns for LM and T and maybe more medical equipment for NHS through more add-ons idk? Nobody plays NHS anyway lol
I do realise this would probably be a fucking bitch to code, but we got pros like xxxcoderliamxxx on our side to help us
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