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Guide Vehicle Trunk and Inventory Guide

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Riverside Roleplay

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Feb 15, 2021
Vehicle Trunk and Inventory Guide

This guide contains information about how to use the trunk system to transport drugs (meth, lean, and weed).
By default, every player is equipped with the Inventory Pickup SWEP, which is located at the bottom of the second weapon slot.

Right-click opens your inventory, left-click picks up the item you are looking at.

A full list of items that are able to be picked up:​
  • Lean Crate​
  • Small Lean Crate​
  • Weed Baggy
  • Weed Jar
  • Weed Joint
  • Weed Seeds
  • Weed Block
  • Meth Crate
  • Meth

Once you have an item in your inventory, you can transfer it to your vehicle by pressing T on your vehicle.
You must make sure that you own the doors on the vehicle and that it is unlocked.

Then, simply drag the item from your inventory into the trunk.

...And it's that simple
Note: Items won't stack and bigger vehicles such as lorries will typically have more storage slots than regular sized vehicles.


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