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Announcement Version 2.0 Full Release Logs

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Oct 13, 2019
We've released Riverside Roleplay Version 2.0.

Here you can see our full change logs in detail. Make sure to read so you can learn about all the changes we've made.

- Added the new custom map
- Added a custom police radio that includes a global channel, one for each area on the map and one for downing street.
- Added a custom panic button that can be accessed by using /panic as a member of government.
- Fully implemented a custom car dealer with new prices
- Added a new tazer to government
- Added a custom police locker / equipment locker where police can change bodygroups and models.
- Added a gun dealer for Terrorists and London Mafia
- Added a one-second timer in between switching weapons
- Added PD receptionist job due to popular request :)
- Added cadet training boards
- New CW 2.0 weapons including rifles and an LR300

- The economy has been revamped to make it more realistic.
- AFO is now ran by all three government law-enforcement departments
- You must be AFO to enter either PaDP or SC019
- Changed Illegal weapons dealer to legal weapons dealer, only accessible with license.
- Gun prices are higher now. This has been done to make someones life more valuable and have less firearm usage ingame.
- Changed starting cash to 80k

- Removed custom jobs
- Removed all weapons from criminal jobs
- Removed FearRP rule. (The three second timer should give anyone who is holding someone at gunpoint enough time to engage)
- Removed TDM Emergency vehicles pack (unnecessary, we only used one vehicle)

Probably alot of other things I can't remember, but here you go.
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